Thursday, June 17, 2010

I should be in bed

I should be in bed resting-sleeping. But, Orlando is in my bed. He is sick. I don't want to wake him-he might need to throw up or something. Ivan has also had the "my butt is broken" problem today. It is my last night at our home here on Glencanyon Drive. Powell (Columbus) has been good to us, and my feelings about this area would probably be different if it wasn't such a darn tough 2 years. Josh is at work all night. This seems also somehow fitting for my last night here. I used to have major problems with being alone at night. Now I look forward to it-watching my shows, crafting my crafts, eating my eats.
Well, did I mention that I was nearly spammed? Ya, we found a rental back in May when we were down in LR. We emailed about it, got a response, but determined still to buy didn't respond again. Yesterday, I found a great rental (I thought) in Alexander-emailed and get this: I got the exact same email response back that I got for the other place in May!! Word for word. First time Michelle, second time Andrea. And-there is a link to put in who knows what all personal info so they can check your credit, etc. NO, I didn't click on it and I certainly didn't give them any info. I've also turned it in to the scam pros. Crazy-oh ya, it was on Craigslist.
What else? Sick kids, and scamming and our 3rd house to put an offer on is also a no go. This time a better offer was given in the same 24 hour period as ours. Well, que sera sera.
Obviously the computer is not packed, neither is my room. Maybe I should go put Lando to bed and work on that. I hate waking up babies. (6, but still my baby).
So, I'm 33 and moving in with my in-laws. In the middle of the hot, hot summer to Little Rock. Well, good thing there were a lot of indications this was what we should do 'cause right now I don't feel like facing it.

Okay, I'll quit rambling. I'm gonna miss my OH friends. Hope you'll comment on my blog occasionally or even often.

Checking out from Ohio,

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Week

Monday: 7 shots for the boys, and Ammon is 100th percentile for height and weight. At least he is proportional! But, oh my he is gonna stay big! Packed basement, some clothes. Finished Bleak House by Charles Dickens. Not the book-the Masterpiece Theater version--a must see!

Tuesday: Packing kitchen. Josh comes home to sleep. Boys have a play date (yay!)

Wednesday: Ivan's MRI. These always make me nervous. More packing, and dinner with a friend.

Thursday: Crunch-time with packing the rest of the house.

Friday: Moving van is loaded (when Josh gets home). Cleaning out our lil' condo that we've called home. That night staying w/friends.

Saturday: Leaving for Hawg Country.

Wishing we had a place to move straight into, but hopefully we can find and close on a home quickly...thankful to have family willing to let us stay!!