Monday, April 26, 2010

20 Questions

It feels like I need to answer 20 questions, so here goes!!
1. Did Josh hear from UAMS?
YES! He has the job.
2. When are you moving?
The end of June after kids are out of school.
3. When does he start his job?
JULY, 1st. He finishes this years contract with Riverside until the end of June.
4. What is he doing?
He will be a pathologist.
5. What is that?
A pathologist is the doctor's doctor. The one that identifies under the microscope whatever biopsy or sample was taken.
6. How long is residency?
4 years.
7. Does his time in OH count?
NO, too different.
8. Why did he change?
Lifestyle-and realizing lifestyle wouldn't ever be what he wanted even if he practiced for 40 years!
9. What will he miss about surgery?
His words: Cutting people.
He loved and still does love the procedures. He has done lots of stitching both at the hospital and out of the house. He has assisted in many difficult cases, but on his own at this point has done some gall bladders and other "simple" procedures. He has also ran several codes, put in chest tubes, etc. He could handle being the ER doc for a night.
10. When did he decide?
Uh, his senior year of med skl during his path rotation, again after 6 months into surgery, then again last December, and finally just two weeks ago. AFTER match!
11. Match?
ya know, when residents get jobs. See, interviews for MDs happen in Dec, Jan, Feb, Match Day is in March. Match day is when you are told where you will work, based on your interviews. Josh decided the first week of April, and then this time, went through with it, but it was after match-a very scary time.
12. Why did he wait?
He is a good surgeon. He liked it. (parts of it). It is hard to give up a dream.
13. Isn't pathology boring?
Ya probably to most of us, but Josh loves science. He was a phlebotomist and then worked in the lab at the hospital during undergrad. I have no trouble seeing him in this setting.
14. Will you buy a house?
Yes, we plan to buy.
15. Where?
somewhere with a good elementary school and a good price.
16. When?
Probably in June, but even July is possible. We can stay with Josh's folks until we close.
17. How scared were you?
VERY. He decided to quit before we knew UAMS had a position. When they didn't offer him the job immediatley, I went through every (184) programs in the country looking for pathology jobs. Finding none.
18. How scared were you?
Not that scared. We prayed and felt at peace that things would work out.
19. What will you miss about Columbus?
shopping, things to do, people, summer weather
20. What makes you look forward to Little Rock?
family, friends, milder winter, living in Hog country, and good Bar B Que. and of course mosquitoes and water bugs...LOL!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pins and Needles

Well, we are back to Columbus. The interview went well, but no promises. They have other candidates.
We have to wait (possibly until next week) and I'm not good at it!!
We're also looking at options, but a month after match is not a good time to change careers. Still, Josh and I feel at peace-concerned, but at peace.
I'm glad to know I have renewed my teaching certificate. I'm glad to know Josh feels very strongly about supporting our family. I'm glad he is employed through June. Family has already said we can stay with them if things get tough.

All in all, there are far far worse things then being educated in the richest country in the world. We'll be fine even if it is not ideal.

Still, hoping for the best!! (and to be honest that would mean: Josh employed, and our own place!!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Good/Bad Versions of Life

I've often thought of how in life you have your "good" version and your "bad" version. Depending on how well you know someone, or how much you want to divulge, people can very different impressions of you-your life history, experiences, challenges etc.
Recently we went on vacation. Here is the good version:
A young-ish couple with three handsome boys traveled to see friends outside of Kirtland, Ohio. It was beautiful and early spring. We had an egg hunt, enjoyed company and saw some beautiful and historic places.
Then, we traveled to New York where we saw The Sacred Grove, the Boook of Mormon publishing site, and the Hill Cumorah. We also went to see the majestic Niagra Falls. Pictures were taken, and it was a worth while and faith promoting experience.

Now, would you like to hear the bad version?
My back is still sore from the workout we did with our friends!!! The van had crazy issues and we were out nearly one thousand bones!! Ivan threw up just as the tour guide was explaining how Joseph Smith walked in these same places!!
It was so foggy on our day in Niagra, that the kids thanked us for taking them to see the clouds. We never could get the full view of Niagra.

And now for the news-news.
Josh tells me on the way home that he is ready to give up surgery. Something he has been struggling with not only 2 years of residency but also his senior year of medical school (when he interviewed in Pathology and Surgery). He is a talented surgeon and has done well. It is a big deal to let this dream go. But, he had decided to choose a better life for himself and his family. He will be a pathologist, a microscope geek, knowing how to identify almost anything. He will get to teach, and become an expert in this field. He will have great hours (yipee!).

We exercised great faith as he told Riverside Methodist he will not be returning for a third year (he will finish this contract through end of June). All of this two weeks after the interview/match season had ended.
He then contacted a few schools hoping that there would be a pathology position somewhere in the country. I feel the Lord's hand is watching over our little family. We are in Little Rock today. There just happens to be a job opening here-in pathology. The chances of that are so small that I am sure the Lord knew the timing of all of this.
Josh just left for his interview.....
and, that is THE BIG NEWS.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What's the News?

I finished my online Spanish II for educators class! This means my license will be current in AR again. I'm thinking of transferring it into OH. That may involve another course or test. I'm not sure about taking a job though I would love to return to teaching one day.

I sewed a dress for my niece! Huge accomplishment b/c I don't sew clothes. It turned out adorable though, and now I want to do more!!

I bought a new leather chair!! I love it, and it changed up the look of our lil' condo. I'm looking to paint the walls on Wed or Th with Josh.

We're on spring break and going to visit the Mitchells and go to Kirtland for the first time. We are looking forward to the break from routine.

Ivan is riding his bike without training wheels!!! I'm so happy for him. Ammon still thinks he deserves to be pushed everywhere his heart desires!

It's Easter, and though I go to church every Sunday-today I'm at home waiting for General Conference. I love hearing from our prophets.

We've been sad over loosing our little nephew, Owen Miles. He died with a knot in the umbilical cord. His mom was 38 weeks. The baby was perfect in every way with lots of dark hair.
I'm so thankful for the resurrection, and I hope I can always keep the right perspective.

Well, that's the news.