Sunday, November 29, 2009

Orlando's Bowling Birthday Party


Josh was off the weekend after Lando's birthday, so it was time to celebrate. Orlando had a tough time choosing just two friends to take bowling, but he had a blast. We all did. Josh and I haven't been bowling in years!! Thanks goodness the bumpers were up!
Orlando chose the colors and designs, etc for his cake!
My baby boy is six.....
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Because I know you want to know..

So, now that I've seen New Moon, it is time for me to reveal my true thoughts on the books, movies and etc.

First, the books were terrible. Not very well written in my opinion. Now I'm not the most read individual-but hey, I don't need to be to recognize good literature. The lack of vocabulary and Bella was so self centered. But then again, Bella is a teenager.
That said, the story was great. A girl in love with a vampire who leaves her and whose best friend is Jacob.
and Jacob is a werewolf. But, he wouldn't be if it weren't for the vampires coming back.
Any hoo. Here is the list Bella should have made when deciding her future:

Jacob is the man.

He is warm.
Comfortable with his family
"a sun"
"beautiful" (I might add this part was true!)

Okay, now for Edward
treats me like a baby
can't bleed
can't age
can't go out in the sun (hello-depression!)
issues with his family
always in trouble
he wants things he can't have
like a mortal life
and me -as in Bella

Just my opinions, but I'm team Jacob.

I had a blast watching New Moon with the crazy ladies!! It was fun, but not a great movie. Some extremely cheesy laugh out louds-but hey it was a great escape from my real life!! Thanks for a howling good time!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pretty Sweet

Ivan called me over to him while I was volunteering with his class.

"Mom, come here. I want to tell you something."

"What do you want to tell me, Ivan?"

"You are pretty."

This sweet boy made my otherwise stressful week-so much better! Thanks for your kind words, Ivan.

For better or worse...

So ya know when you get married and you think life will be nothing but bliss, romantic dinners, and etc.
And then--we realize, "oh, I married a person.." "Oh, I'm just a person." And though life is good and we love each other so much...

Life happens: for better or worse.

Lately, I'm personally feeling for the worse.
**I tried some new medicine and gained 15 lbs in about 2 months.
**The Mazda broke down today. (530 dollars)
**The new van is acting up-seriously annoying
**We got Ivan's MRI bill-over 700 with insurance (we get these 2X a year, but yuck!)
**A student loan that is supposed to be deferred is slipping through the cracks and it always scares me to see that we owe so much money when we don't have it-and it is a paper trail nightmare.
**Ivan's teacher has recommended therapy again. I just knew we weren't past this-but golly gee-I was hoping..
** Josh's schedule sucks!

Okay, am I done? I don't know, but I'll stop for now.

I know things will get better, they always do...after all, this is for better or worse..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quit Growing!


Dearest Orlando,
Please quit growing. I can hardly stand how big you are. Especially from age 5 to 6. All baby seems gone. I miss you. And yet, you are so perfect in this stage. Okay, not perfect-perfect-but wonderful! --You are a boy . A good boy. A fun boy. You love karate class, you get excited over gum balls, and going to the park. You like super heroes and more and more cars and less and less Thomas the Tank Engine. You are getting your reading and writings and math skills. You are learning right and wrong. You love your brothers. You love your dad. And tonight when I put you to bed, you also said you love me, and I thank you. Thanks for being my first born. For teaching me and having patience with a first time mom. Thanks for playing chess and monopoly, and cooking meals and treats with me. Thanks for sharing your toys with your brothers. Thanks for being a fun person. Thanks for giving me your love.
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Ammon's Pancake Breakfast

Ammon's birthday was celebrated with a pancake breakfast. Three year olds are happy in the morning, and it worked well for a school day. Ammon loves the color blue. And Bat-Man, and the Power Rangers.

He is the sweetest little guy...

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This is right before his paper flag caught on fire. Yes, I caught something on fire with 10 little boys in the house! Yes, yes I did.
But, the party was sure fun! We are so glad Ammon had so many friends come and celebrate his big 3 years!!

Orlando's wanna-be birthday.

Orlando participated in all the hoop-la of Ammon's birthday party on Tuesday and has been such a good sport about his very low-key birthday. But, it ended up a little bigger then I thought. Since Josh is working today (the 7th) we had brownies last night with candles. I also took cupcakes to his Kindergarten class and he LOVED the attention!

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We decorated left over brownie tonight....also the ward had a primary activity today and they all sang to him. Then some friends and I went to Burger King (sorry to anyone who maybe would have joined us it was very impromptu) and had a "surprise" birthday party for Orlando. OH, and he got to spend 5 dollars at a garage sale. He's been really into games and is even learning the rules to chess (which means I am learning them for the first time). And so no surprise he looked for games at the garage sale. We got Jr. Clue and Jr. Monopoly. Great shape, all the pieces $1.00. Thank you very much! We played for hours today while Ammon napped.
Orlando is SIX!! I can't believe it. I'm putting together a collage of pictures of this kid that I love so, so much.
Next weekend Josh will be off and we are planning on bowling as a family. I may let him bring a friend or two. And, I think he needs a better cake. Those brownies look sad. But his cupcakes (that I did not take pictures of ) rocked!

I love you, Orlando. And I plan on beating you in Monopoly tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Happenings!

We had an absolute blast this year during the week of festivities around Halloween. It is times like these when I absolutely think being a mom is the best, and raising three boys couldn't be topped for anything in the world.
The joy and excitement of hay mazes, pumpkin patches, spooky stories, dressing up, candy, cupcakes, donuts, trick or treating, church party, preschool party, kindergarten party, etc.
We have had a blast. My favorite of all activities this year was our family dinner. Since Columbus trick or treats on Thursday, Saturday was open. I had done some researching on line and found the best ideas. We had a Mummy Meatloaf, Ghost Mashed Potatoes, a Wall-E sandwich, and a vegetable monster, and a few marshmallow monster ghosts. We all had to come to the table in costume and we ate with candles. Could it get any better?
Orlando was the red power ranger, Ammon the blue, Ivan was Bat-Man, I was a last minute robot, and Josh a ghost.
Here are some pictures of all the happenings!

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