Saturday, December 4, 2010

Oh Boy!

Oh boy
oh boy
oh boy

I am so sad. Not because I'll have a son. My sons are amazing and my relationships with them so tender, but I'm sad I won't have a daughter. For several reasons, some more personal than others, this is probably the last kiddo for our family. I always wanted a daughter and so I am in mourning. I'll get over it (today is already better than yesterday). Still I cried. And I chose the restaurant where we ate. And bought myself a new Christmas picture that I really love.
Josh is fine with a fourth son. Would've liked a daughter, but doesn't feel it in the same way as me.
Boys are estactic. Ready to wrestle him already.

I'm tired of blue. What have you seen cute for boys? Camo? Cowboy? Other ideas? We've done sports, and dinos, and trains-I need something different this go around...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Boy or Girl?

It is easy to tell I'm raising boys. I have a Bat-Man and a Robin in my purse right now. I took them to the book fair at school-which individually they enjoy-but together it was much more fun to give the decoration, a beautiful Frosty the Snowman, a good power punch! I take them to basketball. (I wasn't going to mess with an organized sport, but then I realized my house becomes the gym if they can't be more physical). It is so cute to see them learning to dribble and shoot. They fart and laugh. They burp and laugh. They wrestle and laugh. They jump off of furniture and want to get further and further.
Individually, my boys are pretty well behaved-it is the collective boy mentalitly that is a challenge. Having them all at once they become a gang-imagine the football team jumping up and down, patting each other's butts and getting ready to run out of the tunnel!! That is my life!
In short, they wear me out!
So, do I want a boy or a girl? Most people say "either" "if it is healthy we're happy" or "I don't care."
Well, guess what? I have a preference. I would like a girl. I think it would be fun to get into "girly stuff" after 7 plus years of boys. I was dissappointed Ammon was a boy, but I don't think I love him less. If this one is a boy-I will love him--
but, if it were just up to me, I think I'd take a girl. For variety if nothing else-oh and we'd have a name.
We find out Friday!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Bombs

The first bomb I will mention is a stink bomb. A certain student that has been challenging all 9 weeks decided today would be a fun day to set off a stink bomb in class. I try to be a good teacher, a nice teacher, a fun teacher, a smart teacher and an interesting teacher. But I just couldn't take the stink bomb. And here is why:
Second Bomb: I'm pregnant. Not supposed to be, but it happened. Found out two days after I started my new job. Had some anger, and fears to work through, but am starting to feel okay about it. Do I want a girl-uh, sure, but not as bad as I did with Ammon, and now I'm content with boys, so that would be just fine. But anyways, back to high school.
So, I'm in class, bomb goes off, kids get dramatic, students going bezerk, and frankly, at 11 weeks, I'm nearly puking as I fan myself with papers. Finally I snap, "sit down, calm down and quit telling me about your problems. I'm 11 weeks pregnant and am going to puke! So I don't want to hear about how bad this is for YOU!!"
I figured if I let my students know, it was time to let you know too.
Due date: Late April.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm teaching...

I'm teaching FULL time.
So, I may never blog again.

Just thought I'd let you know. If you miss me, come by my classroom. I'm having a blast!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

first student

I was working in my classroom today-overwhelmed with 23 sewing machines and no bobbins!! Anyway, lots of little stresses and lots of big stresses too. We've moved, changed jobs, and enrolled our own kids in new places. I'm so glad though, to be back among family and friends that have already reached out and blessed our lives. A group of us have been doing back to school breakfasts to practice being somewhere by 7:45 am. We hosted Monday and I had 20 or so people here and some pretty amazing fruit salad...but I digress.
The purpose of this post was to make a note that I met my first student today-she was registering for classes and stopped by to say hi, see where the class was. Her name was Ashley. She was nice-and young! She'll be a junior....I hope I can teach these kids a thing or two, and be an example. I really feel that I have this wonderful opportunity to work with the youth. Will I be successful, or quit by Christmas???!!!
She made me excited. The kids, that is why I miss teaching--I just love 'em and feel for them growing up in this crazy world that we live in. Anyhoo, I'm rambling.
How are things going for you???

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our new home!

I'll be cleaning and painting all day tomorrow, so stop by!! Hopefully painting will be done by this weekend.
We met our neighbors today when we spent about an hour there-when I say neighbors I mean both sides and across the street. I think I'm going to love a neighborhood feel.
The key is in my pocket, and we own the home--but, I'm still not use to this. How long before something breaks???!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Just making a list in a place I won't loose...

1. Trip to visit the Mitchell's, The Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah, and Niagra (back in April).
2. Dan's 60th birthday party.
3. 4th of July/family reunion.
4. Buying our first home.
5. How my children can throw HUGE fits. And how I still somehow (now that they are asleep) love them in a HUGE way.
6. The house-and painting it.-the crazy bid for over 5 grand and how I WILL NOT pay such an amount..(don't forget to take pictures before/after of paint job).
7. Orlando's shoe tying challenge.

Call all utilities
Get my TB test
Contact ABF about trailer drop off
Take boys swimming
make dinner for 8
work on lesson plans
write Thank-You Notes

Just FYI-scheduled to get in our new place on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, start painting and hopefully there by next weekend....
What do you need to blog about? What is on your to-do list?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Please Advise...

I love the natural light and the "big-ness" of my new kitchen. The apple trim has got to go. Also, I found these really cute tile tatoos (see above) I could use over the apple red tiles. Still, I'm really struggling to decide if I paint the cabinets-and if so, do I go with white, black, green, or blue. Yellow? What about the walls? Floors can't change. It's fairly new tile, but a bit orange-ish.

Please Advise!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Josh was nominated for resident of the year at Riverside Methodist by some of the ER docs. We were moving on the night of the award ceremony-which is mostly just recognizing all the Seniors- and he did not attend. There was just too much to do and we didn't get done in time.
He won.
That's impressive I think.
I'm so proud of him.
And yet, isn't this a bit ironic? The resident of the year quit. And went to Arkansas.
Are we crazy?
No, we're not. I have to focus on the peace we felt when the change was made. And the cash prize coming our way!
Way to go Josh!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Orlando at 6.5

I am really enjoying Orlando these days. What a fun boy! Here are a few of the endearing things he has done recently:
1. Prayed for his lion and teddy that he forgot to bring on the 4th of July trip.
2. Successfully go tubing behind a boat with me and his Aunt-he truly had the biggest smile the entire time! Then he went with just his cousin and felt so grown up!!
3. When we went to hear the band at the football stadium before fireworks he didn't want to play tag, instead he asked me to dance with him.
4. Looks after the safety of everyone.
5. Being in Oklahoma for the 4th just further pushed his Indian questions. Talking with his uncle Ben who is a full-blood fascinated him. When uncle Ben gave him a dream catcher with Indian feathers-Orlando was nearly speechless!
6. Adding to his "Indian Collection" Orlando has made his own "spear" out of a long stick that he is sharpening with rocks. He plans to go fishing with it as well as get any large animals that we might need for their skins. Ya know, like lions, bears, or deer.
7. Also reading more and more and last night caught him up late with his brothers reading to them book after book.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I should be in bed

I should be in bed resting-sleeping. But, Orlando is in my bed. He is sick. I don't want to wake him-he might need to throw up or something. Ivan has also had the "my butt is broken" problem today. It is my last night at our home here on Glencanyon Drive. Powell (Columbus) has been good to us, and my feelings about this area would probably be different if it wasn't such a darn tough 2 years. Josh is at work all night. This seems also somehow fitting for my last night here. I used to have major problems with being alone at night. Now I look forward to it-watching my shows, crafting my crafts, eating my eats.
Well, did I mention that I was nearly spammed? Ya, we found a rental back in May when we were down in LR. We emailed about it, got a response, but determined still to buy didn't respond again. Yesterday, I found a great rental (I thought) in Alexander-emailed and get this: I got the exact same email response back that I got for the other place in May!! Word for word. First time Michelle, second time Andrea. And-there is a link to put in who knows what all personal info so they can check your credit, etc. NO, I didn't click on it and I certainly didn't give them any info. I've also turned it in to the scam pros. Crazy-oh ya, it was on Craigslist.
What else? Sick kids, and scamming and our 3rd house to put an offer on is also a no go. This time a better offer was given in the same 24 hour period as ours. Well, que sera sera.
Obviously the computer is not packed, neither is my room. Maybe I should go put Lando to bed and work on that. I hate waking up babies. (6, but still my baby).
So, I'm 33 and moving in with my in-laws. In the middle of the hot, hot summer to Little Rock. Well, good thing there were a lot of indications this was what we should do 'cause right now I don't feel like facing it.

Okay, I'll quit rambling. I'm gonna miss my OH friends. Hope you'll comment on my blog occasionally or even often.

Checking out from Ohio,

Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Week

Monday: 7 shots for the boys, and Ammon is 100th percentile for height and weight. At least he is proportional! But, oh my he is gonna stay big! Packed basement, some clothes. Finished Bleak House by Charles Dickens. Not the book-the Masterpiece Theater version--a must see!

Tuesday: Packing kitchen. Josh comes home to sleep. Boys have a play date (yay!)

Wednesday: Ivan's MRI. These always make me nervous. More packing, and dinner with a friend.

Thursday: Crunch-time with packing the rest of the house.

Friday: Moving van is loaded (when Josh gets home). Cleaning out our lil' condo that we've called home. That night staying w/friends.

Saturday: Leaving for Hawg Country.

Wishing we had a place to move straight into, but hopefully we can find and close on a home quickly...thankful to have family willing to let us stay!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I love to teach. I went to school to be a teacher. I taught two years in Rogers, AR. Then Orlando was born, and Ivan, and Ammon. Josh went to medical school and teaching wasn't right.
A year ago, a good friend encouraged me to update my license-because it interested me, and well, you never know. I took her advice, and got my license current in AR.
Is it any coincidence that my husband found the ONLY spot in pathology available back near family and in AR?!! That someone just happened to drop out, leaving this very desirable spot available??!!
Well, Josh got that job.
And this week I got my job. I'll be teaching parenting, human relations, child development, and sewing (only the very basics here!). I'm SO excited. I'll only have three 90 minute classes a day. I'll be at the high school in Bryant, AR a nice community with great schools -oh, and wait the school sits next to the elementary where my boys will be!
Call it coincidence if you want. I call it a miracle. The Lord in his timing planned this for our family. Giving us not only what we need, but in his tender mercy what we also desired.
I am so very thankful!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rainbows are Real!!

My niece Molly was baptized yesterday. I was asked to give the talk on baptism, and with her permission shared the following story that happened to her.

Before we are baptized we need faith. A few months ago Molly was struggling with the concept of faith. After all, faith is a belief in something you can't see. She worried if God and Jesus were real because she had never seen them. She worried about her cousin Owen (who died in the womb full term)-she had never seen him. Did he exist?

Molly has wonderful parents who tried to teach her. They used the example of the wind. We don't see the wind, but we can feel it. We can feel in our hearts things are true, though we don't see them, and that is faith. They prepared a special family lesson on faith. They sang songs on faith. Still, Molly's doubts remained. She was willing to continue to pray, and her parents prayed too-that Molly would come to understand faith and believe that Heavenly Father, Jesus, live and love us!

The morning after her parents had tried so hard to teach her with the examples and music, Molly and her mom went for a walk in their neighborhood. Suddenly, they noticed a beautiful rainbow-which Molly describes as having an extra large orange stripe, but the other colors too. "Mom, Rainbows are real!" she exclaimed.
"Well, of course they are" her mom explained.
"Mom!, I didn't know rainbows were real. I've seen them on t.v. and in books, and always heard of rainbows, but, I thought they were made up!"
Her mom compared this to faith and Molly caught on immediately finishing her mom's thoughts. Teaching herself as she spoke that even if she hadn't seen Heavenly Father, He IS real!

Molly told me that now she understands faith and believing in something even though she hasn't seen it for herself. Molly and her parents consider this an answer to prayer.

I too regard it as a very special experience and am so glad they shared it!
I am glad Molly has faith in a loving Heavenly Father and I am thankful I could witness her special day as she made a promise to do the best she can to live as He would want her to.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Here are a few of my favorite things!!
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Monday, May 10, 2010

From a child's eyes

I am in love with my boys and the cards I got for Mother's Day. Just so you know, according to Ammon: I am smart because (scribble, scribble) strong because I can lift him up! The favorite thing I have given him is Batman, and he likes it when we have fun together.

Ivan says I'm smart because I clean up, I'm strong because (blank). The favorite thing I have given him is chocolate cookies and he likes it when we play together.

Orlando says I'm smart because I know all about God. I'm strong because I'm 33. The favorite thing I have given him is story time and he likes it when we bake pancakes.

And now why I love my mom and mother-in-law.

Mother-in-law Kathryn. She is smart because she has all kinds of trivia in her head, and is a faithful reader of Readers Digest! She is strong because she raised 9 children. The favorite thing she has given me is her son, Joshua. And I like it when we quilt together.

My mom-Janis. She is smart because she is in her sixties, ready to retire, has a masters degree and is still taking college classes!! She is strong because she has been widowed twice and lives with life long injuries and chronic pain. The favorite thing she has given me is her time and experiences. I like it when we cook, play, talk, and dream together. (Current dream involves Costa Rica next year!)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mother's Day

I decided some time ago, that my gift for mothers day would be pictures of my kids. It is what I want and takes lots of pressure off of Josh to find the perfect gift. Thanks to my wonderful friend Karyn, at
we have these!! These are just a few, and I'm sure I'll add more later, as I am totally in love with my boys.

Orlando age 6
Ammon age 3
Ivan age 4

Monday, April 26, 2010

20 Questions

It feels like I need to answer 20 questions, so here goes!!
1. Did Josh hear from UAMS?
YES! He has the job.
2. When are you moving?
The end of June after kids are out of school.
3. When does he start his job?
JULY, 1st. He finishes this years contract with Riverside until the end of June.
4. What is he doing?
He will be a pathologist.
5. What is that?
A pathologist is the doctor's doctor. The one that identifies under the microscope whatever biopsy or sample was taken.
6. How long is residency?
4 years.
7. Does his time in OH count?
NO, too different.
8. Why did he change?
Lifestyle-and realizing lifestyle wouldn't ever be what he wanted even if he practiced for 40 years!
9. What will he miss about surgery?
His words: Cutting people.
He loved and still does love the procedures. He has done lots of stitching both at the hospital and out of the house. He has assisted in many difficult cases, but on his own at this point has done some gall bladders and other "simple" procedures. He has also ran several codes, put in chest tubes, etc. He could handle being the ER doc for a night.
10. When did he decide?
Uh, his senior year of med skl during his path rotation, again after 6 months into surgery, then again last December, and finally just two weeks ago. AFTER match!
11. Match?
ya know, when residents get jobs. See, interviews for MDs happen in Dec, Jan, Feb, Match Day is in March. Match day is when you are told where you will work, based on your interviews. Josh decided the first week of April, and then this time, went through with it, but it was after match-a very scary time.
12. Why did he wait?
He is a good surgeon. He liked it. (parts of it). It is hard to give up a dream.
13. Isn't pathology boring?
Ya probably to most of us, but Josh loves science. He was a phlebotomist and then worked in the lab at the hospital during undergrad. I have no trouble seeing him in this setting.
14. Will you buy a house?
Yes, we plan to buy.
15. Where?
somewhere with a good elementary school and a good price.
16. When?
Probably in June, but even July is possible. We can stay with Josh's folks until we close.
17. How scared were you?
VERY. He decided to quit before we knew UAMS had a position. When they didn't offer him the job immediatley, I went through every (184) programs in the country looking for pathology jobs. Finding none.
18. How scared were you?
Not that scared. We prayed and felt at peace that things would work out.
19. What will you miss about Columbus?
shopping, things to do, people, summer weather
20. What makes you look forward to Little Rock?
family, friends, milder winter, living in Hog country, and good Bar B Que. and of course mosquitoes and water bugs...LOL!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pins and Needles

Well, we are back to Columbus. The interview went well, but no promises. They have other candidates.
We have to wait (possibly until next week) and I'm not good at it!!
We're also looking at options, but a month after match is not a good time to change careers. Still, Josh and I feel at peace-concerned, but at peace.
I'm glad to know I have renewed my teaching certificate. I'm glad to know Josh feels very strongly about supporting our family. I'm glad he is employed through June. Family has already said we can stay with them if things get tough.

All in all, there are far far worse things then being educated in the richest country in the world. We'll be fine even if it is not ideal.

Still, hoping for the best!! (and to be honest that would mean: Josh employed, and our own place!!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Good/Bad Versions of Life

I've often thought of how in life you have your "good" version and your "bad" version. Depending on how well you know someone, or how much you want to divulge, people can very different impressions of you-your life history, experiences, challenges etc.
Recently we went on vacation. Here is the good version:
A young-ish couple with three handsome boys traveled to see friends outside of Kirtland, Ohio. It was beautiful and early spring. We had an egg hunt, enjoyed company and saw some beautiful and historic places.
Then, we traveled to New York where we saw The Sacred Grove, the Boook of Mormon publishing site, and the Hill Cumorah. We also went to see the majestic Niagra Falls. Pictures were taken, and it was a worth while and faith promoting experience.

Now, would you like to hear the bad version?
My back is still sore from the workout we did with our friends!!! The van had crazy issues and we were out nearly one thousand bones!! Ivan threw up just as the tour guide was explaining how Joseph Smith walked in these same places!!
It was so foggy on our day in Niagra, that the kids thanked us for taking them to see the clouds. We never could get the full view of Niagra.

And now for the news-news.
Josh tells me on the way home that he is ready to give up surgery. Something he has been struggling with not only 2 years of residency but also his senior year of medical school (when he interviewed in Pathology and Surgery). He is a talented surgeon and has done well. It is a big deal to let this dream go. But, he had decided to choose a better life for himself and his family. He will be a pathologist, a microscope geek, knowing how to identify almost anything. He will get to teach, and become an expert in this field. He will have great hours (yipee!).

We exercised great faith as he told Riverside Methodist he will not be returning for a third year (he will finish this contract through end of June). All of this two weeks after the interview/match season had ended.
He then contacted a few schools hoping that there would be a pathology position somewhere in the country. I feel the Lord's hand is watching over our little family. We are in Little Rock today. There just happens to be a job opening here-in pathology. The chances of that are so small that I am sure the Lord knew the timing of all of this.
Josh just left for his interview.....
and, that is THE BIG NEWS.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What's the News?

I finished my online Spanish II for educators class! This means my license will be current in AR again. I'm thinking of transferring it into OH. That may involve another course or test. I'm not sure about taking a job though I would love to return to teaching one day.

I sewed a dress for my niece! Huge accomplishment b/c I don't sew clothes. It turned out adorable though, and now I want to do more!!

I bought a new leather chair!! I love it, and it changed up the look of our lil' condo. I'm looking to paint the walls on Wed or Th with Josh.

We're on spring break and going to visit the Mitchells and go to Kirtland for the first time. We are looking forward to the break from routine.

Ivan is riding his bike without training wheels!!! I'm so happy for him. Ammon still thinks he deserves to be pushed everywhere his heart desires!

It's Easter, and though I go to church every Sunday-today I'm at home waiting for General Conference. I love hearing from our prophets.

We've been sad over loosing our little nephew, Owen Miles. He died with a knot in the umbilical cord. His mom was 38 weeks. The baby was perfect in every way with lots of dark hair.
I'm so thankful for the resurrection, and I hope I can always keep the right perspective.

Well, that's the news.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Boys will be boys

We had some friends(Chandlers from AR, now Cincinnati)over and they are parents of three girls. The girl Ivan's age followed him to the bathroom as they were palling around all night. When she realized he was pulling his pants down, she stepped out and off to the side politely giving him some privacy. Then she said, "I won't look." What a lady.
Ivan then took a step out in the hall, holding his penis like a weapon, and says, "why, cause I might shoot you down?!"
She looked scared.
Ivan looked... well, like a boy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm a grouch.

If you want to read a happy post.
Stop now.
I am an official grouch. Really, I need a badge to warn people.
First, I blame my monthly feminine proof.
I also blame Josh's mean co-workers. Where nothing is ever good enough. Except perfection. And that is not possible. Even if you give 12 hours of your day off. So, I'm not real pleased with residency at present.
I also blame children in hospitals. Not that it is their fault, but it is just stressful. My grand-niece will be having heart surgery this Wednesday. Things have been really tough on my nephew and everyone involved. She will need a second surgery in a month or so after this first one. She is still on a vent and she is 6 weeks old.
The car needs to go to the shop-AGAIN. time number 3. They have "never seen this problem". Funny, the guy at the sewing machine repair shop told me today,
"I have never seen this problem." (the reverse button is stuck)
Seems like my problems are unique.
I'm working on my typical stress helps, gratitude lists, working out, chocolate, not much is helping.....

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scales, Fails, and A Success or two

First, for those of you just checking my blog regularly, wondering when I would get back to posting about this--here it is: Yes, I chose the 33 miles in 33 day challenge (it clearly got the most votes). For runners, this isn't such a big deal. But, I haven't ran in some time. Surprisingly, it went well and I finished in 23 not 33 days!! Go ME!!
The fail comes in the scale. It didn't budge. Perhaps it is the craving for food afterward, or me resting more in the afternoon 'cuz hello, I'm tired after running 2-3.2 miles! Maybe it's just that I'm 33. I don't know. But it is frustrating.
So, I finished up right before lent and decided I needed a new challenge. Something for 40 days. I thought no sugar, more miles and etc. But finally, the right idea came. Not something physical. Something emotional. Something emotionally good for myself. So, I put my scale away. Now, you must know that I weigh once, twice and occasionally 3 times a day. This is ridiculous. If my weight is down, I'm on cloud 9, If I'm up my emotional self starts trash talking me. I don't like that. I'm still me rather or not my skinny jeans are fitting this month.
So, my scale has been gone for about a week. And I'm in withdrawal. It is so odd not knowing exactly how much I weigh. But, it is also freeing. Who really cares? I'm still trying to eat right and I'm still running, but I'm saying "NO" to the scale.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Primary Uno

For those of you who are unaware-I am the Primary music leader at Church now. This is a super fun calling! I'm enjoying hearing songs I knew as a child, relearning them, and learning the new ones. I have ideas that I don't wanna forget, so I'm going to share them here. If I start getting too many, I'll start a different blog, but I don't foresee that. Anyway, without further ado, I give you:

Primary UNO!!-great for reviewing a song and committing it to memory

Choose a child to come to the front a choose an Uno card. I actually had Uno attack, and they got to punch the button until they were sprayed with cards!
Anyway, they pick a card and then that determine who or how we will sing.

Number-age that sings (divided ahead junior and senior)
Color-anyone wearing that color and shades of that color
Everyone would join in on the chorus.
If they got a wild card, we took a break from the practice song, and they chose their favorite "wiggle" type song.
The reverse meant that we linked elbows and swayed as we sang (b/c the arrows look like elbows sort of).
The swap decks, meant change seats.
The X2 meant pick a problem area and go over twice
The X meant starting and stopping in funny parts.

That's all for now! Hope someone can use the idea. Thanks Audrey for your help (Audrey is 8 and in my Senior Primary!)

The Super Surprise!

Josh has been planning to go to Miami for a few months now. He was attending a colo-rectal conference. On Tuesday, he asked me to join him!! Whoa, twist my arm! A trip to Florida-somewhere neither of us have been-with my sweetheart, no kids! Thanks to John and Kristin for watching the boys, and for Robert and Melissa who live in Miami so we had a place to stay and people who knew the roads. (Both John and Robert are Josh's brothers-isn't it great having adult siblings?!)
Anyway, we went to one of the Keys and checked out the Biscayne National Park. We spent a night in the Everglades. We went to Miami Beach. We had Brazilian food-twice! We went to an art show of local artisans-from spray paint to paper collage to graphic design movies, etc.
And we were only gone a few days, but man I feel great. I loved the cultures and house structures in Miami. At times I could have sworn I was back in Brazil. What a fantastic, fun place. Busy, crowded, expensive, but exciting, yummy, and lows in the 60's!

At least 8 miracles...

As you probably know, it has been a wet winter. Lots of snow and ice. And I hit some-ice that is, going to Ann Arbor to drop the boys off (see my Super-Surprise Post for more on why). Anyway, hit the ice with cruise control on going about 70. Miracle number 1. We did not hit the guardrail 2. We did not hit the semi 3. We did not hit the other semi 4. The van made it to the truck stop and got diagnosed (needed spark plug, it was jumpy) 5. I found a place in no-where Ohio that had the part and only took 30 minutes 6. they had a semi-clean bathroom for a mechanic shop 7. the dairy queen was next door! 8. The tire didn't go flat until after we got to John and Kristin's.

Yes, I am a very thankful!!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

He did good, he did.

This is the beauty that became my "new" wedding ring after I lost my band in the lake last summer. I was upset-it was MY wedding ring of eight years!
But, I love the new one. It is from Pandora and we found it together one night. I love that is has great shine, and a very low profile.
I've always been self conscious with my birth defect on that hand, and Josh has always handled it perfectly-encouraging me to wear something, but understanding why I need something simple.
I think we found the perfect ring for us.
He took me to the beautiful Franklin Park Conservatory with orchids in bloom and proposed.
This time on one knee! We skipped that the first time!
His gold band looks beautiful when we hold hands, and I feel married all over again.

We're Penguins!

So much snow!! We're turning into penguins, or at least the weather gave us some inspiration!
These seemed like the perfect cupcakes to take to Ivan's class...
When the weather is like this on your 5th birthday!!!!
This was taken on the 7th-his birthday-we have about a foot more now!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Warming my Heart and Day

Last Thursday was a very cold winter day.
And the 33rd anniversary of my birth.
When it is 12 degrees outside, you appreciate these in a whole new way!

Thank you, Josh. I love you!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Watch out-I'm Ranting...

I'm getting frustrated with the Facebook updates that say something like,

"am saddened by what happened in Haiti, but shame on you America: In our country we have homeless without shelter, children going to bed without eating, elderly going without needed meds, and mentally ill without treatment - yet we have a benefit for the people of Haiti on 12 TV stations. 99% of people won't have the guts to copy and repost this."

I would like to ask these people and those that click the "like" button a few questions.

1. Name one person you have known to die and not have a funeral or burial.

2. Name one person you have known to wait for over 2 days with a broken bone.

3. Name one person you have known to have flies lay eggs in their open wound.

4. Name one person you have known that went without food or water for more than a day.

Or perhaps, I should ask: Are you just mad you are missing your favorite show tonight??

Sorry, but our problems here DO NOT compare with those of the Haitian People. If you are without food, it is because you are either able to work and choosing not to, or you are not going through the process of receiving food stamps, or you are selling your food stamps for cash for drugs. (In which case, sadly some children suffer because of their parents in this country.)
I have been "poor" I've spent 30 dollars a week on groceries for weeks during our medical school years. I've also had to ask for government assistance. Imagine my surprise when our budget went from 30-50 a week for groceries to 120 a week-for our small family!! No, our country takes great care of its poor. (plus I got free milk, eggs, and cheese and formula!)
Certainly things are not perfect here. More should be done to help the mentally ill. But isn't that a big part of the challenge-they are ill to the point that they don't always make good decisions for their health. Having help and people using it and accepting it are two different things. Non-compliance to medication and doctor's orders will continue to be a challenge with this group.
I happen to love hard working Americans. Who deliver pizzas with degrees and wait tables at night to go to school.
Heaven help us if we become so self-centered that we cannot give to a country that just lost 60% of its already poor economy.
and courtesy of CNN


150,000: Latest estimate of the death toll, from the Haitian Health Ministry. The European Union and the Pan American Health Organization, which are coordinating the health-sector response, have estimated the quake killed 200,000 people.
194,000: Number of injured
134: Estimated number of people rescued by international search teams since the quake


9 million: Population of Haiti
3 million: Estimated number of people affected by the quake
1 million: Estimated number of displaced people
800,000 to 1 million: People who need temporary shelter
235,000: People who have left Port-au-Prince using free transportation provided by the government. The number who left by private means is undetermined.
At least 50: Aftershocks of magnitude 4.5 or higher that have hit Haiti since the January 12 quake

Oh, and by the way-they can all NAME-by NAME someone in my above questions.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A mom describes her feelings when son looses a tooth..

Orlando has lost his first TOP front tooth.
And I am feeling very sentimental.
And I'm not going to apologize for it. I just am going to add it to my list of things I didn't know would happen when I took on motherhood.
No one warned me that when your six year old looses a top tooth, that the mom feels like she looses her baby- and gains a BOY!
He is my oldest, but he was my first baby. Come on! I can't believe how he looks so much like a BOY--a real, true, BOY! My baby days are gone forever with him. And I miss my Landino-Bambino.
and I am in mourning.
Orlando was a colicky, difficult baby. But he was the most beautiful one I had ever seen. And I was determined to protect him and love him. When I gave up teaching it was hard. No one warned me how hard it would be to become a mother. I thought often on how I just wasn't good at it. I had no natural talent it seemed.
But I've grown.
I'm still not good at it always, but I understand more. I understand that the joys I find in motherhood ARE sweeter than any other. That time spent with my children IS precious.
And I am also learning this week, with the help of a tooth, that YES they really do grow up fast.

So I sound like the old ladies in the supermarket.
And I sound like my mother-in-law.
And I sound like (gasp) my mother.

And these women are right.
And so am I! So to all of you who have a baby tonight, I say:
Love your babies, they grow up so fast!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Speedy Oatmeal Cookies w/ White Beans!

I know, I know it sounds gross. Or at least weird. But my kids and their friends love these cookies, and honestly have no idea beans are in there, so try 'em!

First, take 1/4 cup of white beans and mix them in a blender or even just with a fork. Make 'em mushy, you don't want to think beans when you eat your cookie! You can drain them first, but a little bean juice will help mix 'em.

1 C Brown Sugar
1/4 C Butter Flavor Shortening (Crisco)
1/4 Cup mashed White Beans
1 Egg
1/2 Tsp. Soda
1/2 Tsp. Baking Powder
1/4 Tsp. Salt
1T Vanilla

1 C Flour
1 C Oatmeal
1/2 C Nuts or Chocolate Chips (or both!)

Stir Until Smooth, Drop by spoonful on a cookie sheet. Bake approx. 10 minutes at a preheated 350 degrees.
Recipe makes 2-3 dozen.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!
Personally, I like this fat substitute (beans) better than applesauce. They aren't as spongy or moist "sticky" as when I make cookies with applesauce.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Great Compliment

My son's friend commented while eating dinner with us, "these meatballs are good!"

Orlando quickly explained:
Ya. My mom makes really special meatballs.


Well, first she gets them out of there (gesture to freezer) and they are cold. Then she puts them in the microwave until they are warm and then they go on the table!


Later, the friend said he liked my cookies.

Orlando said, ya my mom makes special cookies.
This I can't deny, since they have white beans in them (and the kids have no idea!)
Ask, if you're interested in the recipe.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Help me dear readers!
So, I haven't started my new years goals-yet. New Years day was met with a BBQ Dinner, the second with a huge Wedding Dinner and the 3-5th traveling and eating to stay awake on a long drive.
Speaking of drive, I don't have much this year. So, I'm asking for some help. On the 28 of this month I will be (drum roll...) 33!! So, I would like to challenge myself to 33 days of one of the following:

1. No whites: no sugar, flour, potatoes (honey and sugar subs allowed)
2. Commit to running 33 miles in those 33 days. ( haven't really ran since that 5K last summer, so this could be interesting).
3. Wake up at 5 do my exercise video, and then basic calorie counting and comparing to my Body Bugg. Go under 500 calories a day.

So, my question, dear readers, is which one would you like to hear about. Because I will be keeping you posted, sharing my ups and downs, etc.

Please let me know. I'm, game for any of 'em, I just need to commit, and hopefully blogging my successes and failures will help me do that. If you read this--please give me your 2 cents!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Wishing there was more to do to help those in Haiti. Times like this make me reflect on my many blessings.
like water

Wish we could send Josh to help. Maybe in the future that will be more of an option.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Just for the "Hail.a.but."

I made fish tonight. I don't make fish. I don't like fish. But in an effort to eat a bit healthier, I tried it once again. I made the marinade, baked it to perfection, and served it on the plates. I tried to talk the kids into eating it. I tried to eat it. About the 3rd bite I got that distinct "fishy" flavor.
Anyway, long story short, Josh is bringing home a pizza. And the upside, the salad I made is fantastic!
My only exception to the non-fish thing is fried Catfish. I guess I'm a land-locked state kind-a girl. Texas being the exception, but even then I was only a few miles to Oklahoma (and I've never seen the gulf of Mexico.) I remember going fishing in Texas for catfish when I was 8 or 9. You drag big nets accross muddy ponds. Really quite disgusting. And I fell into the net, getting cut up in the process.
Ya, me and fish we don't get along.
And I'm okay with that!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Could've Danced All Night. .

Madeline, is my little niece, and Ammon my son. They are cousins, and they are in love. They danced and danced after the ring ceremony. Beginning with the first dance for the bride and groom when they were removed numerous times from the dance floor!! Of course, Ammon has already spilled something on his shirt, but no bother. Seriously, these two danced and danced and then bear hugged the entire night-until they both fell asleep. Precious.
I also had fun dancing, my hair had a mind of its own that day, and I looked a bit like Cindy Lauper. It was true. And quite funny, except that these pictures will be around forever. (notice none on my blog, but you might come across one somewhere). Any way, I hear that the next song was going out to Lara from my brother in law Jacob?! What ...what could that be?
GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!! by of course, Cindy Lauper.
We (the girls) danced like crazy!
What a fun night!


John-David and Kristin were married on January 2nd in the Dallas Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Everything eventually came together, and our family made the trip. They were married in the same room as Josh and I. This made us a bit nostalgic, and happy. Have we really been married 8 years? Do we really have three kids? But, I digress.
The wedding was beautiful.
And, I'm excited to have a new sister-in-law! Welcome to the family, Krisitn. And don't forget there really IS a "So I married a McElderry" support group.

Bride and Groom
Josh's Parents
The Wedding Party: 2 Sisters, one Sister in law, 2 friends; 5 brothers with the 6th on a mission in California.
Posted by PicasaClose Up: Kristin, John-David, Josh, and Robert.

Welcome, Felicity Jane!

Posted by Picasa

I have a new niece!! Born in October, Felicity Jane is my sisters fourth baby and thrid girl!!
On our trip for John David's (Josh's brothers) wedding, we were able to stay with my sister. My mom and brother came to her house as well, so it was a great time for me to get to see both sides of the family. Also, she was blessed the Sunday we were in town, perfect!
She has the cutest cheeks, and if I could have caught her smiling for you, you would see the smile goes from the eyebrows to the chin. Adorable!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

an Ivan Update

For those of you who follow my blog and have been worried about Ivan (as I have)-I want you to know we have great news!!
He has gone over 10 days without symptoms, and it is believed that the virus just took longer than usual to leave his hip. So, no bone scan is indicated right now. Of course I'll keep watching him.
Josh gave him a nice blessing which sounded very positive. And many prayers have been offered. His name was also on the temple prayer roll.
Thanks everyone!