Sunday, May 20, 2012

Come on over. . .

We will be in Wisconsin this summer-"hanging around"  Josh has made quite the climbing wall in the garage.  The boys are good at putting on their helmets (excuse the pictures) and going for a climb.  Josh boulders around, there are a few on the ceiling.  This is located in our large garage.  Whoever owned this place had an RV,boat, or something because there is plenty of space.  

I have a strong influence over Josh, but I've never been able to take the climb out of this boy.  I have influenced him to wear a helmet.  ( He didn't own one when we married).  Our boys will climb, even if I get anxiety.  I'm slowly warming up to it.  The wall isn't as scary or as dangerous as I might have thought, and the angry bird stickers helped.  LOL.

 Here are a few pictures of our beautiful garden.  We worked from sun up to sun down.  It is about 17 by 25 feet.  We have lots of tomatoes, strawberries, cauliflower, carrots, lettuce, watermelon, zucchini,
herbs, peas and more!  I can't believe we did this.  I am in NO way good at keeping plants alive.  

Here are a few reasons I gave in and we planted: 1. When in rome-I mean everyone gardens here.  It is just the thing to do.  2.  I'm gonna be home this summer, so I can take care of it.  3.  The plot was already here-so why not use it.  4.  Josh wanted to, and we could work together.  5.  I have crazy dreams of it producing and me becoming some yummy organic cook and my kids eating vegetables that they have weeded and watered.
Let's hope it isn't dead by July!

Here is a shot the boys got in the tree house.  It has two stories and is a fun place.  We also have a maze on the hill.  Yes, a maze where we cut down the tall grass.  Why not enjoy the large field behind the house?

   Have you ever played, "Fox in the Meadow?"  You should.  It is a super fun activity.  We learned the game in snow, but you can also make a maze in grass, like we did.  Basically, it is tag with a fox chasing geese.  You just have to stay on the maze.  Once the fox tags someone and there are 2 foxes, you can trap people and use a little strategy on which path you take.
Here is a spiral shaped dead end.
This is also a very random, spiral-like post.  Oh, and even though this post is early a bit for father's day.  I just want to throw out how my boys are so lucky to have a dad who builds them a wall, and a garden, and a maze!  I love Josh, and while Marshfield wouldn't be my first pick, as long as Josh is here this is where I want to be. So, come on over-it's gonna be a fun summer!