Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Quick Baby Update/XMas Cards

I love to send Christmas cards.  It honestly has never bothered me if I don't get one in return.  Well, maybe it did the first few years I sent them, but I have sent them for years and it has been a fun way for me to touch base with distant family and friends.  So, if you would like one (without an obligation to scramble and get me one) just leave a comment with your address.  Or if you'd like my email is

In the meantime, I have so much to catch up on with this blog- it is a joke.  It may happen, but not until after I finish Vinny's first year scrapbook that he is getting for Christmas.  And then there is Christmas.  I know I probably won't get to blogging til after then.

The baby is doing well.  My placenta is over my cervix.  This simply means no heavy exercise, no sex, excuse me "pelvic rest" and hope for no early bleeding as the baby starts to weigh more.  It also means that if I do start to bleed (usually happens late 2nd or 3rd trimesters) I will go on bed rest!  So, I'm hoping for a good pregnancy.  Oh ya, and if it doesn't move I will be looking at a c-section for the first time.  I have another ultrasound on Friday and am hopeful the placenta has moved, though statistics in my case (100% covered cervix) do not favor us.

We also are having a terrible time choosing a name for another boy.  I like Brazilian names, Josh Estonian.  Both are often weird in English and don't sound well together.  The family tree has been plucked pretty dry as all of our boys first and middle names can be found there.

Hope everyone is getting ready to enjoy the Holiday Season.  Merry Christmas!