Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scales, Fails, and A Success or two

First, for those of you just checking my blog regularly, wondering when I would get back to posting about this--here it is: Yes, I chose the 33 miles in 33 day challenge (it clearly got the most votes). For runners, this isn't such a big deal. But, I haven't ran in some time. Surprisingly, it went well and I finished in 23 not 33 days!! Go ME!!
The fail comes in the scale. It didn't budge. Perhaps it is the craving for food afterward, or me resting more in the afternoon 'cuz hello, I'm tired after running 2-3.2 miles! Maybe it's just that I'm 33. I don't know. But it is frustrating.
So, I finished up right before lent and decided I needed a new challenge. Something for 40 days. I thought no sugar, more miles and etc. But finally, the right idea came. Not something physical. Something emotional. Something emotionally good for myself. So, I put my scale away. Now, you must know that I weigh once, twice and occasionally 3 times a day. This is ridiculous. If my weight is down, I'm on cloud 9, If I'm up my emotional self starts trash talking me. I don't like that. I'm still me rather or not my skinny jeans are fitting this month.
So, my scale has been gone for about a week. And I'm in withdrawal. It is so odd not knowing exactly how much I weigh. But, it is also freeing. Who really cares? I'm still trying to eat right and I'm still running, but I'm saying "NO" to the scale.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Primary Uno

For those of you who are unaware-I am the Primary music leader at Church now. This is a super fun calling! I'm enjoying hearing songs I knew as a child, relearning them, and learning the new ones. I have ideas that I don't wanna forget, so I'm going to share them here. If I start getting too many, I'll start a different blog, but I don't foresee that. Anyway, without further ado, I give you:

Primary UNO!!-great for reviewing a song and committing it to memory

Choose a child to come to the front a choose an Uno card. I actually had Uno attack, and they got to punch the button until they were sprayed with cards!
Anyway, they pick a card and then that determine who or how we will sing.

Number-age that sings (divided ahead junior and senior)
Color-anyone wearing that color and shades of that color
Everyone would join in on the chorus.
If they got a wild card, we took a break from the practice song, and they chose their favorite "wiggle" type song.
The reverse meant that we linked elbows and swayed as we sang (b/c the arrows look like elbows sort of).
The swap decks, meant change seats.
The X2 meant pick a problem area and go over twice
The X meant starting and stopping in funny parts.

That's all for now! Hope someone can use the idea. Thanks Audrey for your help (Audrey is 8 and in my Senior Primary!)

The Super Surprise!

Josh has been planning to go to Miami for a few months now. He was attending a colo-rectal conference. On Tuesday, he asked me to join him!! Whoa, twist my arm! A trip to Florida-somewhere neither of us have been-with my sweetheart, no kids! Thanks to John and Kristin for watching the boys, and for Robert and Melissa who live in Miami so we had a place to stay and people who knew the roads. (Both John and Robert are Josh's brothers-isn't it great having adult siblings?!)
Anyway, we went to one of the Keys and checked out the Biscayne National Park. We spent a night in the Everglades. We went to Miami Beach. We had Brazilian food-twice! We went to an art show of local artisans-from spray paint to paper collage to graphic design movies, etc.
And we were only gone a few days, but man I feel great. I loved the cultures and house structures in Miami. At times I could have sworn I was back in Brazil. What a fantastic, fun place. Busy, crowded, expensive, but exciting, yummy, and lows in the 60's!

At least 8 miracles...

As you probably know, it has been a wet winter. Lots of snow and ice. And I hit some-ice that is, going to Ann Arbor to drop the boys off (see my Super-Surprise Post for more on why). Anyway, hit the ice with cruise control on going about 70. Miracle number 1. We did not hit the guardrail 2. We did not hit the semi 3. We did not hit the other semi 4. The van made it to the truck stop and got diagnosed (needed spark plug, it was jumpy) 5. I found a place in no-where Ohio that had the part and only took 30 minutes 6. they had a semi-clean bathroom for a mechanic shop 7. the dairy queen was next door! 8. The tire didn't go flat until after we got to John and Kristin's.

Yes, I am a very thankful!!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

He did good, he did.

This is the beauty that became my "new" wedding ring after I lost my band in the lake last summer. I was upset-it was MY wedding ring of eight years!
But, I love the new one. It is from Pandora and we found it together one night. I love that is has great shine, and a very low profile.
I've always been self conscious with my birth defect on that hand, and Josh has always handled it perfectly-encouraging me to wear something, but understanding why I need something simple.
I think we found the perfect ring for us.
He took me to the beautiful Franklin Park Conservatory with orchids in bloom and proposed.
This time on one knee! We skipped that the first time!
His gold band looks beautiful when we hold hands, and I feel married all over again.

We're Penguins!

So much snow!! We're turning into penguins, or at least the weather gave us some inspiration!
These seemed like the perfect cupcakes to take to Ivan's class...
When the weather is like this on your 5th birthday!!!!
This was taken on the 7th-his birthday-we have about a foot more now!