Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Welcome Vincent Ray!

Welcome, Welcome Vincent Ray McElderry!!

April 20, 2011

8 lbs 14 oz

21.25 inches long

In grandma's arms 2 days old.

At the hospital less then 24 hours.

Only minutes old.

Each baby is a miracle and produces beautiful smiles.

Josh got to deliver our baby. It was so special. He always wanted to catch a baby on his OB rotation, but never got the opportunity. Vincent was his first "catch".

My labor was good. I'm weird in that I actually enjoy the process of labor. (Remember, I've had two non-medicated births). Still, this labor tops them all for difficulty because the epidural didn't take correctly and I had extreme back labor for two hours. Although I have labored much longer, I've never labored in this type of terrible pain. Luckily, we had previous experience and Josh kept me breathing although changing positions with numb legs was nearly impossible. The anesthesiologist gave me a new epidural at a 9.5. Then the pain went to zero. It was fantastic. We cracked jokes, asked for a mirror, and let Josh catch the baby. I only pushed for twenty minutes. He wasn't nearly as big as predicted, and pushing (which I have not enjoyed in the past) suddenly became the best part of the entire labor. In fact, it was joyful. No pain, Josh catching and cheering me on---and Vincent.

Isn't he beautiful?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Almost Here

Baby Vincent Ray is almost here. I'll be induced on Thursday. I'm at 40 weeks and have been measuring big. I'd like to go into labor tonight, but if not induction can be a blessing!

So, at times I am second guessing this name-Vincent Ray-I like it, but it is just hard to get used to. I think it is hard to wrap your head around the fact that a new life is coming--who is Vincent Ray? What will he be like? How will he be like his brothers and how will he be different? Will he be our last one, or could I endure another pregnancy? Would it be right to ask myself to? Does Josh care? Does Heavenly Father?
Gee. So much to consider.
I am so thankful that I can have kids and be pregnant. You know 15 percent of couples can't get pregnant? It makes me sad.
And a large percent of children need parents. Josh and I have often talked about adoption when our boys get older. Maybe that is when the daughters will come. Or maybe, just when the boys marry and I get some in-laws and grand daughters.
Okay, back to Vincent. In a few short days he'll be here. Am I ready to take on this responsibility? Perhaps it is 'cause the first three came so close (in 3 years) that this over a 4 year gap seems huge. It's no secret I struggle with the newborn phase. The crying and all the troubles I have with nursing. And then no sleep. I feel selfish-but this is a phase I wish I could skip. Still, this time only one child will be in a diaper-not three! I think this is going to make a difference.
I wonder...
who will he look like:
Orlando-long and skinny at birth jet black hair, slightly jaundice.
Ivan-my Hmong child-he seriously looked Chinese-so squished from the birth canal, more jaundice, and huge-just an ounce shy of 10 lbs and 23 inches!! So long he couldn't fit into several outfits. Hair lighter than Lando's went blond and now is strawberry blond, if not just a red head in the summer.
Ammon-Squishy and blond--still squishy and blond. Big, cute and content.

Vincent??? And then personality wise-will he be smart and sensitive like Orlando? A peace maker and detail oriented like Ivan-or a jokester and cuddle bug like Ammon?
Will he be a Lego boy or a sports boy? Or all together something else?

What challenges will he bring? What joy?

This is the most rambling post ever. Perhaps I should have written in my journal-journal and not my blog, but oh well. Now you know my thoughts.
Just wondering-who is Vincent and how will I do at being his mom? I just feel the weight of that responsibility. I really want to do right by all my children. I get nervous. I feel so much responsibility-Josh says when Lando was born I was super-super protective. I suppose I was. It was a mothering instinct. You want to know where and how your child is---it is----well, I suppose it is called motherhood and a bond I believe to be one of the strongest in the world.
I'm looking forward to meeting and bonding with Vincent Ray--to being a mother.

A lil' Nesting

With spring in the air, time off work, and 9 month pregnancy hormones-nesting is taking place. First, the piano. It was setting bare and boring for so long. But now it has lots of "art". First, a framed piece my mom did with french knots. A kroched piece from my grandma, a family picture I love, some scrap fabrics for color. But my favorite-repurposing these old oval placemats into large spring flowers! My grandma made these from scraps and honestly they are kinda ugly-but how do you get rid of stuff given to you by relatives now deceased-my conscience has struggles. Anyway, my friend Jen, who helped with the jungle, starts rolling them up and walla! a Flower is born. Genius.

What I love is I spent NO money this week. I just gathered stuff around my house that was "springy" and started playing. The recent tornado provided fallen sticks. An estate sale last summer the Easter ornaments and some half off Hobby Lobby the bird art I picked up a few months ago.
I got the old window at a garage sale back in OH and have held onto it. I think it makes a great background.

The downstairs bathroom was not my favorite place. We didn't paint it when we moved in and it just felt yucky. I had a box of Americana stuff from a gargage sale. Jen painted the bottom half navy with paint she had. I added the red chair (which I'd like to put a fern on) and the cute superman picture as well as some American Art.
It looks, and feels so much better.

Yay for nesting-and thanks for helping Jen!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feeling Groovy and I believe we have a name!

So much stress is gone.
Went to the Dr. My ultrasound average was in the 88th percentile for a baby. Which means he's big-like all the boys- but not up to 95th percentile-which means no C-section!!! yay. phew. Unless of course it becomes medically necessary. But, she reminded me of how I've had big boys before. The largest just under ten.
I'm not sure this one is going to get there though, because she checked me and I am at a 3 already!! Now, it is true I can set at a 3 for weeks, but I'm really really really hoping to just go into labor. I've been having some contractions--so maybe today, tonight, this weekend...but surely not the end of the month!
This is great because I was induced with Ammon, and would prefer to go on my own if possible.

And the other info is that we have a name!! At least I think we do and if Josh backs out on me....no, I think we agree.
Anyway this name is a combo of our maternal grandpas.
Vincent Ray.I like it. It's manly. It's normal, but not too common. We can call him Vince, or even Vinny. And the boys like "sting ray" as a nick name.
Ya, I think it will work. Can't wait to meet him.
Guess it is time to pack a hospital bag...