Monday, September 28, 2009


I'm making a list. I only do this when it is getting too long for my small brain. This is one of those times and I thought I might as well share with my friends and family

costumes to make or at least find
Halloween Ward Party to plan and have
2 kids school Fall Parties (one I'm home room mom for)
actual Halloween
I'll be an aunt again!
Ammon turns 3
Orlando turns 6
(both want parties)
Josh and I celebrate 8 years of marriage
Great-great Grandma turns 100 ( quick trip to AR later this week)
I'm taking 6 hours of online credits with a deadline of December
I have 40 more "seat" hours of professional development to bust out also by December
Thanksgiving (gobble, gobble.)
oh ya, and Christmas (which Josh and I may celebrate a different day due to his ridiculous schedule and a trip to TX)
ward Christmas Party to plan and carry out by the 5th (any ideas?)
Josh's birthday (also the 5th)
volunteering in classes for my boys regularly
Going to Dallas for a wedding by Jan. 2nd. -get tuxes for Josh and Lando
(and what the heck will I wear?!)

And then the "regular stuff"
ya know
homework assignments
Karate classes
house to clean


The Luau and camp out went pretty well, though not without some last minute stress. My main food lady was attacked with gall bladder issues the day before-still she was SO organized stuff could be re-distributed quite easily. My bad things were a little salty. I didn't know Hawaiian Sea Salt is less Salty than Sea Salt. Hmm...well, I won't forget that lesson!
People came-phew. I always worry about turn out. I know activities don't meet every one's need, but I hope many will find it worth their time. We had dancing, great Hawaiian food, and of course campfires, perfect weather, and s'mores! Who could ask for anything more?
Well, I wish Josh had been there. But a special thanks to those who helped with my tent and my kids, food, decorations, etc. I really appreciate you, Worthington Ward!

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I was asked to teach a basic class on cake decorating. That is especially ironic since I don't know that much. Still, I love to decorate cakes for my kids birthdays and I've been wanting to work with fondant again, so I decided in the 7 minute power class (taught 5 times) I would show the ladies how to make a fondant ghost (or something of the sort).
It went pretty well. I learned more about fondant, like buying name brand IS important. (marshmallows and powdered sugar). I also learned how time consuming it is to make and color, plus you need a butter cream icing so it tastes decent.
Overall, I'd call is successful. Hopefully I'll get to work with it again soon!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gym Top Ten

Top Ten Reasons to not quit the gym:
Pound #1
Pound #2
Pound #3
Pound #4
Pound #6
Pound #7
Pound #8
Pound #9
Pound #10

Top Ten Reasons To quit the gym
10. My kids always throw a fit and don't like it
9. I compare myself to others more
8. It is very commercial and gets old
7. I see videos and hear music I don't like
6. I worry less about what I eat in social settings and thus enjoy life more
5. less rush to get around, to get to school, to get anywhere
4. it saves money
3. more story time, longer bath time, homework time, down time
2. the boy's are actually watching less TV because we are doing things like board games and baking
1. Ammon has potty trained!

Yes, home is a beautiful place to spend some time. I spent a good part of last year going to the gym almost daily. It worked. Sort of. I eventually lost 10 pounds, but it took months and months, plus dieting. Now, I don't want to gain a bunch of weight and I don't want to be out of shape. But really it wasn't a balance. Spending over 2 hours (getting ready, going and coming, extra showers, etc). Plus even though there was childcare it was busy and hectic.

So, I have a cheapo (Craig's list 80 dollar) elliptical and I have my boys who are only going to be young a very short time and then next year it is full time school.
So, I have a few more pounds.
So, I think I'm getting a better perspective on what is important.
So, I might go back one day.
But for now...
I am content.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Learning English

Orlando: What is that?
Me: Sauerkraut
Orlando: Oh, I LOVE sour crap!!

Ivan: Mom are you using the squeezers?
Me: Yes, I'm using the tweezers.

Ammon after pooping in the toilet for the first time exclaims (having seen all other poops mooshed in diapers of course),

"Mom, look. It's a banana poop!!"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Young yes, Innocent NO!

So my wonderful two (almost three) year old Ammon had quite the sight for me this morning. Actually Orlando told me first. "Mom, Ammon has daddy's shaving supplies." Shaving supplies? Oh, the black box that holds his electric razor. Well, sure enough, Ammon had moved a stool, climbed a shelf, stretched his arm and reached the black "shaving supplies" which also include relatively sharp scissors. He then gave a nice cut to his relatively new Sesame Street sheet as well as his brothers Bob the Builder ensemble.

Yes, he may be young, but he is NOT INNOCENT!!

Update as of 12:25...I later found hair (Ivan's-yep he has a nice ugly spot smack in the middle of his head) and urine. Yip-also an accident last night. So, now it is time to clean: sheets, urine, and hair. Grant me patience!!

We found Waldo!

I suppose we are a bit weird. We found out some ancestors of ours are buried just 25 minutes away in Deleware, OH! What are the chances? We thought it would be nice to find their graves this past Sunday. Well, the office was closed, but it was a beautiful Sunday afternoon so we walked all over the cemetery. It makes a great park. You can let your boys find sticks and letters and numbers. We enjoyed the large shade trees and the cool breeze, but sadly after a long time we still hadn't found our ancestors graves. But, we did find something people have looked for forever, WE FOUND WALDO!!

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Friday, September 11, 2009


"He is gonna love this!"

"Is he here yet?"

"I think he's coming!"

DAD!! Jump and "SURPRISE!!!" A new KING sized bed.

It is a little early, but due to an amazing labor day sale I bought us a new bed for our 8th anniversary. It is awesome!! It is twice as tall as our previous bed and a king vs a queen. I had it delivered and set up with freshly laundered new sheets when Josh got in from work. He had no idea. The kids wanted to make a game, so we put a note on the front door for him to follow the arrows. The boys cut and taped the arrows around the house leading him to our room. Three very anxious boys jumped out with a "surprise" shout and it was a great moment. It is nice to have a husband who earns a paycheck, and it is nice to have saved up and to have replaced the old bed. The new bed has a fourteen year warranty. Can you imagine? Orlando could have a mission call by then.
Until then, what a fabulous time we are having in our little home!

The Best Apple I've ever had.

Apple Picking.

September highs in the 70s.
Off the tree.
Golden Crisp.
Eat all you want.
Wonderful Day.
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Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am so thankful. Heavenly Father blesses my life and gives me direction is very small ways. Usually I feel good when something is right or heavy when something is wrong. Sometimes I just feel strongly about something and know that it is not just my own mind. This probably sounds crazy to some, but I'm a believer. I think it goes back to the New Testament. If we are drawing near unto Him, he draws near unto us. If we knock, He will open. I believe that the Lord does direct our lives-that is if we ask him to. So recently I've been wanting a stroller to walk the boys to school in. Orlando can ride his bike, but the other two need to keep up. My dinky umbrella stroller wouldn't cut it! In addition to a quick mention in my morning prayers, I've been shopping. I went by the used store (Once Upon a Child) two or three times and didn't have much luck. One day I did find one but it was almost 200 dollars and I wanted Josh to see if it was worth that kind of money before buying it, but it was gone when he went by. Josh reminded me that I just have to do things, and not worry getting his approval (gee, I'm so independent for a married gal).
Anyway, today on my way home from the gym, I clearly felt I should stop by the store again. I went by this weekend, so I dismissed it, but the thought came again. So I went and right out front was exactly what I wanted. (I hope to be able to also get a bike so I can pull them too.) Not only that, is was 72 dollars, and I've never seen one that low there! Not only that, they delivered it! This store does not deliver. In fact, it is kind of like a glorified garage sale-and frankly you don't go for the customer service-so when the manager just happened to be there and just happened to have "no problem" with following me home with it- so I could use it that afternoon and "not have to break it down and figure it out"-I felt blessed. And I reflected-what if I hadn't stopped in. Sure, I'd be fine. But, I went and I am so thankful to a loving Heavenly Father who gives me promptings regarding such simple things. He knows and loves us!