Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Boys will be boys

We had some friends(Chandlers from AR, now Cincinnati)over and they are parents of three girls. The girl Ivan's age followed him to the bathroom as they were palling around all night. When she realized he was pulling his pants down, she stepped out and off to the side politely giving him some privacy. Then she said, "I won't look." What a lady.
Ivan then took a step out in the hall, holding his penis like a weapon, and says, "why, cause I might shoot you down?!"
She looked scared.
Ivan looked... well, like a boy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm a grouch.

If you want to read a happy post.
Stop now.
I am an official grouch. Really, I need a badge to warn people.
First, I blame my monthly feminine proof.
I also blame Josh's mean co-workers. Where nothing is ever good enough. Except perfection. And that is not possible. Even if you give 12 hours of your day off. So, I'm not real pleased with residency at present.
I also blame children in hospitals. Not that it is their fault, but it is just stressful. My grand-niece will be having heart surgery this Wednesday. Things have been really tough on my nephew and everyone involved. She will need a second surgery in a month or so after this first one. She is still on a vent and she is 6 weeks old.
The car needs to go to the shop-AGAIN. time number 3. They have "never seen this problem". Funny, the guy at the sewing machine repair shop told me today,
"I have never seen this problem." (the reverse button is stuck)
Seems like my problems are unique.
I'm working on my typical stress helps, gratitude lists, working out, chocolate, not much is helping.....