Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Medieval Family

Vinny's very first birthday happened to fall on the night of the school carnival.  I dressed up as a princess and passed out royal invitations at the school on Thursday.  Students and families were encouraged to dress up; if you ever need a pick-me-upper, I strongly suggest dressing as a princess and going to a kindergarten classroom.  The little girls told me time and again how beautiful I was and asked me, "are you a real princess?"  
"Of course, I am, " was always my response.  Such an esteem builder!

Vincent was our dragon.

Dragon Vinny.

Vinny and Dad.

Our  knight in shining armor, on a wave board, Ivan.

Ivan the knight!

Ammon as Robin Hood.

Orlando was the jester.  He was great and even memorized jokes.  My favorite was what do you get from a nervous cow?
A milkshake.  


Monday, April 9, 2012

Mt. Olympus

We had a wonderful spring break this year!  Josh was able to take vacation.  We went and spent 2 days in the Wisconsin Dells.  We got a steal of a deal and stayed at Mt. Olympus and rode roller coasters, and enjoyed the inside water park.  The boys loved it!

The next day we went to Devil's Lake.  It a a beautiful place.  Josh is discovering the rock climbing available here.   Thursday I went to the temple in St. Paul with a friend in the branch. Friday we worked around the house, and just played catch up.  Saturday, Josh went to the temple with a couple of people.  Sunday was spent celebrating Easter.  Another post hopefully coming soon on that.  But in short, it was a very nice week for our little family.