Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our new home!

I'll be cleaning and painting all day tomorrow, so stop by!! Hopefully painting will be done by this weekend.
We met our neighbors today when we spent about an hour there-when I say neighbors I mean both sides and across the street. I think I'm going to love a neighborhood feel.
The key is in my pocket, and we own the home--but, I'm still not use to this. How long before something breaks???!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Just making a list in a place I won't loose...

1. Trip to visit the Mitchell's, The Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah, and Niagra (back in April).
2. Dan's 60th birthday party.
3. 4th of July/family reunion.
4. Buying our first home.
5. How my children can throw HUGE fits. And how I still somehow (now that they are asleep) love them in a HUGE way.
6. The house-and painting it.-the crazy bid for over 5 grand and how I WILL NOT pay such an amount..(don't forget to take pictures before/after of paint job).
7. Orlando's shoe tying challenge.

Call all utilities
Get my TB test
Contact ABF about trailer drop off
Take boys swimming
make dinner for 8
work on lesson plans
write Thank-You Notes

Just FYI-scheduled to get in our new place on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, start painting and hopefully there by next weekend....
What do you need to blog about? What is on your to-do list?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Please Advise...

I love the natural light and the "big-ness" of my new kitchen. The apple trim has got to go. Also, I found these really cute tile tatoos (see above) I could use over the apple red tiles. Still, I'm really struggling to decide if I paint the cabinets-and if so, do I go with white, black, green, or blue. Yellow? What about the walls? Floors can't change. It's fairly new tile, but a bit orange-ish.

Please Advise!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Josh was nominated for resident of the year at Riverside Methodist by some of the ER docs. We were moving on the night of the award ceremony-which is mostly just recognizing all the Seniors- and he did not attend. There was just too much to do and we didn't get done in time.
He won.
That's impressive I think.
I'm so proud of him.
And yet, isn't this a bit ironic? The resident of the year quit. And went to Arkansas.
Are we crazy?
No, we're not. I have to focus on the peace we felt when the change was made. And the cash prize coming our way!
Way to go Josh!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Orlando at 6.5

I am really enjoying Orlando these days. What a fun boy! Here are a few of the endearing things he has done recently:
1. Prayed for his lion and teddy that he forgot to bring on the 4th of July trip.
2. Successfully go tubing behind a boat with me and his Aunt-he truly had the biggest smile the entire time! Then he went with just his cousin and felt so grown up!!
3. When we went to hear the band at the football stadium before fireworks he didn't want to play tag, instead he asked me to dance with him.
4. Looks after the safety of everyone.
5. Being in Oklahoma for the 4th just further pushed his Indian questions. Talking with his uncle Ben who is a full-blood fascinated him. When uncle Ben gave him a dream catcher with Indian feathers-Orlando was nearly speechless!
6. Adding to his "Indian Collection" Orlando has made his own "spear" out of a long stick that he is sharpening with rocks. He plans to go fishing with it as well as get any large animals that we might need for their skins. Ya know, like lions, bears, or deer.
7. Also reading more and more and last night caught him up late with his brothers reading to them book after book.