Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Brithday Ivan!

You'll know why the title is Happy Brithday when you get to the end of the post.  But first, who is this handsome boy?  Well, that is my little Ivan.  Who isn't so little anymore.  This is a recent picture taken at the wonderful COSI museum here in Columbus.

Ivan had some friends over for his birthday.  This was the first time we had friends for the party.  Usually it has just been family.  Orlando had a 4th birthday party with friends,  but it was at his school.  So, this was a BIG deal for our family.  Especially the boys.  Lando and Ammon enjoyed the excitement as much as Ivan.
We did some simple decorating and I let the boys help--the anticipation is probably as fun as the event!

This was "the birthday tunnel" made from streamers.  The kids got to climb to the top, put their gift down and then when it was present time they went to retrieve it....what a hit!  Parties for four year olds are fun!  We also danced and sang songs.  

The kiddos also chose a pony or dinosaur to paint and take home.  Another hit!
Okay, here is the cake.  Josh and I decorated on Friday night for the party on Saturday.  It turned out great (considering we had to make a spider!).  We must have been tired by the end though, because the message was Happy Brithday Ivan  instead of Happy Birthday Ivan!  I'm sure Charlotte would never have made this mistake.  Then again Charlotte just had to make the web, not the spider and the web!  Not one of the kids pointed it out, again parties for four year olds are fun!  


Charity Brown said...

Great job!!!! That cake rocks!

Mimi Nowland said...

I love the picture of him, I can see so much of both of his parents in him! Great job on the cake, impressive!

Kristin McElderry said...

Lara!!! SO fun. I miss you guys so much!!!

Kelly said...

Good job on the spider cake!!! Sounds like your party was a big hit. I love the tunnel on the stairs!! SO FUN!

jennie said...

I LOVE all of your birthday party ideas! I also love hearing about Ivan's birthday. I remember when the cute boy was born! Love & miss you.