Sunday, March 15, 2009

Flying High in Gymnastics!

Jumping down from some "hello knees".

Holding on during a flip!

Gymnastics has been fun!  The boys love getting some energy out and working hard.  I love that it isn't that expensive at the rec-center and the energy out part too!  Still, this time around there was much done on the beams.  Poor Ivan.  He just can't do the beam with the damage he has due to the tumor and surgery.   He had to have a "helper" this time around and so we are thinking of trying martial arts of some kind.  That way no falling is involved.  (Or at least you can only fall from as high as you jump.) Any suggestions on what type and where to go?  

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Dan McElderry said...

I just swallowed my Adam's Apple watching Lando fly through the air. Nothing has changed for that boy, has it? Ohhh! I miss them all, each one. Grandpa