Thursday, February 18, 2010

At least 8 miracles...

As you probably know, it has been a wet winter. Lots of snow and ice. And I hit some-ice that is, going to Ann Arbor to drop the boys off (see my Super-Surprise Post for more on why). Anyway, hit the ice with cruise control on going about 70. Miracle number 1. We did not hit the guardrail 2. We did not hit the semi 3. We did not hit the other semi 4. The van made it to the truck stop and got diagnosed (needed spark plug, it was jumpy) 5. I found a place in no-where Ohio that had the part and only took 30 minutes 6. they had a semi-clean bathroom for a mechanic shop 7. the dairy queen was next door! 8. The tire didn't go flat until after we got to John and Kristin's.

Yes, I am a very thankful!!

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