Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm a grouch.

If you want to read a happy post.
Stop now.
I am an official grouch. Really, I need a badge to warn people.
First, I blame my monthly feminine proof.
I also blame Josh's mean co-workers. Where nothing is ever good enough. Except perfection. And that is not possible. Even if you give 12 hours of your day off. So, I'm not real pleased with residency at present.
I also blame children in hospitals. Not that it is their fault, but it is just stressful. My grand-niece will be having heart surgery this Wednesday. Things have been really tough on my nephew and everyone involved. She will need a second surgery in a month or so after this first one. She is still on a vent and she is 6 weeks old.
The car needs to go to the shop-AGAIN. time number 3. They have "never seen this problem". Funny, the guy at the sewing machine repair shop told me today,
"I have never seen this problem." (the reverse button is stuck)
Seems like my problems are unique.
I'm working on my typical stress helps, gratitude lists, working out, chocolate, not much is helping.....


Jen said...

I am sorry things are rough right now. Sometimes it just helps to vent. Sister Tobler always reminds me, (even though we are not there yet) "there is life after residency."
Stay strong friend.

Robin said...

I hear ya! Sometimes it's ok to just feel whatever is happening, even if that feeling is grouchiness. I'd be more grouchy if I had to pretend like all the crap going on is ok with me because it's "just another stepping stone in life". That's a bunch of hooey. It's good for you, so enjoy the grouchies and enjoy a Girl Scout cookie or two (or 12). Te amo!

Giggles said...

I suggest watching Oscar the Grouch on Sesame Street. He'll show you how to grouch it up good! We all need a good grouch every now and then. Make sure to follow it up with chocolate.

Lisa said...

Oh Lara, I love you! Hang in there friend! As one of my good friends told me when I had a bad day:

It will always go one of two ways: it will pass, or I'll die. So far, it has always passed.

I think we need a good med-wives venting blog--just for those times when we really need to let it out.

Anonymous said...


Elisa said...

sorry things are a struggle... i chocolate doesn't help... maybe icecream? :)

My favorite coping mechanism is throwing Gwen in the stroller and going for a nice outdoor walk. Provides exercise, fresh air, reminds me to be grateful because it is spring and I hear birds chirping, and keeps any and all whining at bay because she loves it too.