Monday, February 20, 2012

Maple Syrup Farm


This past Saturday we had the opportunity to go to a Maple Syrup Farm.  A family in our church farms syrup, and with the more mild winter, the trees were running (usually this is mid March), so buckets had to be put out. Josh got to tap several trees.  Can you believe 40 of these buckets to yield 1 gallon of syrup!  It is a lot of work.  This bucket can be full by the end of the day and need changed out.  They also have lids as needed to keep out bugs, dirt, rain water, etc.

This is the outhouse.

Here we are messing around on a frozen pond.  Of course, we don't own skates, but we could sure slide!  We also found a north facing hill with plenty of snow for some sledding fun.

Inside the "Sugar Shack".  The large contraption behind Josh is where they cook down the sap.  We had venison chili and hot chocolate.

Gunner is Ammon's age, but Ivan and Gunner have February birthdays.  Ivan got to be part of this cool birthday cake!  We had a great time and learned some things too.  I can't wait to go out for the pancake breakfast and have the fresh maple syrup!!


Giggles said...

I love learning fun new things like that. What an exciting adventure! I've never known someone who farms maple before.

Eudaimonia said...

That all looks like a TON of fun!