Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Raising Sons

I want to jot down a few events over the last couple of weeks, before they are forgotten:

As we are running late for Church, Ivan:  Everyone look, look!  I have a spider leg and it is still moving!  Sure enough, he had taken the leg off of a daddy-long-legs and was having a science experiment.  We walked into church late needless to say.

Ammon, in front of most of Josh's co-workers during a nice dinner:  FARTED.  And it wasn't a slip-excuse me kind of fart.  No, it was loud (think clown nose sound) and I believe I saw a fist-pump accentuate it!!  Embarrassing!

Vinny:  finds a way into the bathroom every chance he gets.  He plays in the water-clean or dirty.  I beg and beg the older boys to flush and keep the door closed.  It is still a challenge.  This week I caught him stirring the pot with the remote control.  Later, the toilet was clogged and we found-a toy car after some serious plunging.

Orlando:  "Mom, you're treating me like a slave!"

Oh boy.  The joys of motherhood!

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Alisa said...

You must have an exciting life all the time with all those boys....keeping you on your toes for sure :)