Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Could've Danced All Night. .

Madeline, is my little niece, and Ammon my son. They are cousins, and they are in love. They danced and danced after the ring ceremony. Beginning with the first dance for the bride and groom when they were removed numerous times from the dance floor!! Of course, Ammon has already spilled something on his shirt, but no bother. Seriously, these two danced and danced and then bear hugged the entire night-until they both fell asleep. Precious.
I also had fun dancing, my hair had a mind of its own that day, and I looked a bit like Cindy Lauper. It was true. And quite funny, except that these pictures will be around forever. (notice none on my blog, but you might come across one somewhere). Any way, I hear that the next song was going out to Lara from my brother in law Jacob?! What ...what could that be?
GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN!! by of course, Cindy Lauper.
We (the girls) danced like crazy!
What a fun night!

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Lisa said...

Madeline is beautiful! They make a cute couple. What a fun memory!