Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A mom describes her feelings when son looses a tooth..

Orlando has lost his first TOP front tooth.
And I am feeling very sentimental.
And I'm not going to apologize for it. I just am going to add it to my list of things I didn't know would happen when I took on motherhood.
No one warned me that when your six year old looses a top tooth, that the mom feels like she looses her baby- and gains a BOY!
He is my oldest, but he was my first baby. Come on! I can't believe how he looks so much like a BOY--a real, true, BOY! My baby days are gone forever with him. And I miss my Landino-Bambino.
and I am in mourning.
Orlando was a colicky, difficult baby. But he was the most beautiful one I had ever seen. And I was determined to protect him and love him. When I gave up teaching it was hard. No one warned me how hard it would be to become a mother. I thought often on how I just wasn't good at it. I had no natural talent it seemed.
But I've grown.
I'm still not good at it always, but I understand more. I understand that the joys I find in motherhood ARE sweeter than any other. That time spent with my children IS precious.
And I am also learning this week, with the help of a tooth, that YES they really do grow up fast.

So I sound like the old ladies in the supermarket.
And I sound like my mother-in-law.
And I sound like (gasp) my mother.

And these women are right.
And so am I! So to all of you who have a baby tonight, I say:
Love your babies, they grow up so fast!!


Charity Brown said...

ah yes... haha! this is the post of which you were referring to on my blog comment! honestly, reading this i almost started crying thinking of how i'll probably cry when ryan loses his first tooth. wow, i'm such a baby! hahaha! i never understood why my mom cried all the time (over simple things like this), but i'm starting to get it now...

Elisa said...

I've always been sort of sentimental, so there is really no question: I WILL get emotional when that milestone of baby to child is crossed. Congrats to you on your growth as a mom! (and, despite your allegations to incompetence, I can't imagine you not being an AMAZING mother from the beginning!) It is hard to give up a job---like teaching---that you actually love so much. Here's to enjoying the daily moments!