Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rainbows are Real!!

My niece Molly was baptized yesterday. I was asked to give the talk on baptism, and with her permission shared the following story that happened to her.

Before we are baptized we need faith. A few months ago Molly was struggling with the concept of faith. After all, faith is a belief in something you can't see. She worried if God and Jesus were real because she had never seen them. She worried about her cousin Owen (who died in the womb full term)-she had never seen him. Did he exist?

Molly has wonderful parents who tried to teach her. They used the example of the wind. We don't see the wind, but we can feel it. We can feel in our hearts things are true, though we don't see them, and that is faith. They prepared a special family lesson on faith. They sang songs on faith. Still, Molly's doubts remained. She was willing to continue to pray, and her parents prayed too-that Molly would come to understand faith and believe that Heavenly Father, Jesus, live and love us!

The morning after her parents had tried so hard to teach her with the examples and music, Molly and her mom went for a walk in their neighborhood. Suddenly, they noticed a beautiful rainbow-which Molly describes as having an extra large orange stripe, but the other colors too. "Mom, Rainbows are real!" she exclaimed.
"Well, of course they are" her mom explained.
"Mom!, I didn't know rainbows were real. I've seen them on t.v. and in books, and always heard of rainbows, but, I thought they were made up!"
Her mom compared this to faith and Molly caught on immediately finishing her mom's thoughts. Teaching herself as she spoke that even if she hadn't seen Heavenly Father, He IS real!

Molly told me that now she understands faith and believing in something even though she hasn't seen it for herself. Molly and her parents consider this an answer to prayer.

I too regard it as a very special experience and am so glad they shared it!
I am glad Molly has faith in a loving Heavenly Father and I am thankful I could witness her special day as she made a promise to do the best she can to live as He would want her to.

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Giggles said...

What a wonderful story. I love those moments, even now as an adult, when suddenly everything makes sense. They are my own rainbow moments.