Sunday, July 18, 2010


Just making a list in a place I won't loose...

1. Trip to visit the Mitchell's, The Sacred Grove, Hill Cumorah, and Niagra (back in April).
2. Dan's 60th birthday party.
3. 4th of July/family reunion.
4. Buying our first home.
5. How my children can throw HUGE fits. And how I still somehow (now that they are asleep) love them in a HUGE way.
6. The house-and painting it.-the crazy bid for over 5 grand and how I WILL NOT pay such an amount..(don't forget to take pictures before/after of paint job).
7. Orlando's shoe tying challenge.

Call all utilities
Get my TB test
Contact ABF about trailer drop off
Take boys swimming
make dinner for 8
work on lesson plans
write Thank-You Notes

Just FYI-scheduled to get in our new place on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, start painting and hopefully there by next weekend....
What do you need to blog about? What is on your to-do list?


Giggles said...

It's possible I'm caught up on my to-blog list, kind of.

But the to-do list is really quite big.

Valerie said...

To do this is so long it's laughable. But this week I want to finish redoing a bookshelf, make a no soliciting sign for my front door, and hang up some pictures--I've been putting that off.