Sunday, January 9, 2011

Highlights of Teaching

My students had the opportunity to enter a gingerbread contest. The benefits went to help a center for the sexually abused in Little Rock. It tied in perfectly to our unit on child abuse, and service in the community-plus it was fun. Two of my favorites were the AR Stadium and a Starbucks. The kids worked hard, raised a little money, and the stadium got first place in the high school age division.
The sign, garland, and little green umbrellas really show how they got into the detail!!
My sewing class also went well with students finishing up their fleece blankets. I'm still a novice sewer, but I love the thrill of a finished product. Seeing them go from turning the machine on, to a complete blanket is so rewarding. I know some of them will take up quilting in the future!

Other highlights can't be shown in photos. Things like students asking you for advice, and actually listening, confiding a pregnancy or STD, or abuse. Having a student give up alcohol or tobacco, or premarital sex. (When you teach things like Parenting and Human Relations-stuff comes up). Being a trusted adult in their lives is a blessing for me. Not sure how having another baby will affect my career, but I know this was right for this year!


Elisa said...

what a rewarding experience to be that kind of mentor. When are you due?

Lisa said...

I bet you are a wonderful teacher and such a good influence on those teens! You're a great mom too, and that new baby has many wonderful things to learn from you. Love the stadium btw!