Friday, July 6, 2012

Perfection of the cookie!

Today I am a food blogger.  I'm taking a photography class with my little Sony Cyber-shot.  It is amazing how much it can do.  (I had no idea!)  So, here is a post, complete with a recipe!
Also, I'm dedicating this post to one of my best girlfriends, Jen Schwartz.  She is amazing with the camera, and loves chocolate.  I really miss you, and since we can't be together for your birthday, here is a post just for you!

It's hard to love anything more than the perfect cookie!

This shot uses the pretty china, just to mix it up.  Also, you can see the chocolate chip is soft, not hard, just the way I like 'em.


You always include a picture of one of your kids if you are a food blogger.  It's mandatory.

Dunked in milk!  (I liked the colors here.)

Finally, a darker background with milk and plenty of yumminess!
These are all raw shots, without any editing.  That way my cool photo teacher, Jenna with Jenna Beach Photography can see them, in their first form. Okay, ready for the recipe?  It has two secret ingredients-The majority of the recipe comes from a site called
Follow this recipe exactly-including the cornstarch! The second secret is to substitute the butter to Butter-Flavor Crisco.  Trust me on this, it gives an amazing result.  I only cook them for around 8 minutes, and let them rest on the tray for another minute or two, then remove.  That way the bottom is just brown enough, but the cookie is so, so soft.
Oh, one other thing: double the recipe.  You won't be sorry!
Enjoy everyone, and happy birthday, Jen!!


Jennifer R. said...

Holy Moly! They look AMAZING! We miss you guys!

Photo Jenn Inc. said...

I miss you Macelberries! What a great low fat birthday treat!!!! So glad you are willing to be my friend.
Love, Jenn