Friday, July 20, 2012

Sweet Summer Moment

Dear Readers,

It has been a long, hard summer so far.  My kids have pushed me to my limits.  That, I suppose is why tonight was so special.

I started reading the Lemony Snicket books to my kids tonight.  As you probably know already, the 3 kids are orphaned in the first chapter and things don't get better.  We read through chapter three.
We stopped reading and the kids starting asking all kinds of questions.
"Mom, what will we do if you die and just leave us 3 boys and Vinny?"  Ivan.
"Mom, wouldn't you come back?  I mean later.  When you could?"  Orlando.

Then, they began to tell me that they would miss me.  Actually miss me!

This was a shock.  I have not been the "fun, cool" mom.  They have let me know this through tantrums and fits.
I am the mom that did not buy them that remote control car at the garage sale.
I am the mom that cancelled movie night because they watched too much t.v. in the afternoon.
And that's just today.  I've also been griped at this week for making them take baths, 
timing their computer time, 
doing chores-yes, they have to clean!, 
making them go to their practices, 
put away laundry, 
and two weeks ago packed up a sack of Lego's because they wouldn't help clean. (That's worth another post ;).  

I really wasn't sure these boys liked me much with the fits they've dished out lately.  Maybe it is the heat, lack of routine, or a "phase" but they have been challenging.  All at once.  And all 3 of them.  Plus Vinny is mobile and into it all-even running (it's so cute!).

Well, they started talking and even tearing up... and I told them that if I died, they could live with their favorite cousins, and they would have grandparents to help them.  Then, they were a little better.  But I have to admit, it touched me when they teared up at the thought of me being gone. We had a sweet talk, and I won't put it word for word here, but man I love those kids.

Yes, the ones who don't pick up their Lego's,
have appetites for hot-dogs and ice-cream and that's it,
complain about cleaning constantly,
and who recognize bath as a four letter word ,
and believe every broken, nasty toy at a garage sale IS worth 5 bucks.
Yep, those kids.  I love 'em and can't imagine life without each one of them.


wendy holt said...

I say you are doing a great job! Give them until they are 30 to need therapy and after that they will realize that you did, in fact, know everything and that you are awesome!!

Unknown said...

Hopefully they don't have to go to therapy to figure that out...

Mimi Nowland said...

We moms need those "pay-day" moments. We don't get a check in the mail to validate us as mothers, we get those moments. Thanks for sharing!

Mimi Nowland said...

I am glad that you had that moment, it might be a while till you get another one! P.S. Can you post some pics of Vinny? Please? I promise to take a bath!?