Thursday, August 30, 2012

A great day to be a Mormon.

 I consider myself an independent voter, as I do not vote on party lines and have voted for different parties.  I do not agree with everything on the Republican Platform.  I do not agree with everything on the Democratic platform.  I do my best to make a decision that lines up MOST with my conscience.

Today, I just want to celebrate that a Mormon is at the top of a major ticket in the USA!!  I would be just as happy if this happened on the Democratic side.  It is wonderful to me, to hear people cheering for a Mormon.  The history of our church is a challenging one.  I understand why people have questions.  I get it if they think we are racist or polygamists.  I also reflect on the persecutions that Mormons have endured-and marvel that more of them did not leave the church in its early days.
 How much do I really know the details of other peoples faiths?  Often, I do not know much about them at all.  It has been my experience, that the more I learn about their faith, the more I respect it.

I hope that this is a time when things that are false are corrected.  When things that are true are better explained, and when the wonderful things that my faith offers are better received.

My church and faith have blessed my life in countless ways.

Go Mormons!  May we continue to serve in our communities and our countries-regardless of political affiliation!

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