Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School!

Dear Ammon,   
You are so excited to be in Kindergarten.  You have at least two friends in your class, and wanted to play as soon as you came in the door.  I tried to get you to give me a hug, but you didn't want to.  You gave me a high-five!  You are very smart and I am looking forward to you having a good year.  I will miss having you at home and playing with Vinny.  You have been a wonderful good brother.  Love, Mom

Dear Ivan, 
You are starting 2nd grade.  You are so upset that there are just girls at your table!  In fact, you wouldn't even go to your table!  I'm sure by high-school your thoughts will change!  For now, you wanted me to stay.  I hope your day is getting better!  You are smart, and athletic-great at the skateboard, rip-stick and basketball.  I am so glad you are my little boy.
Love, Mom

Dear Orlando, 
You are now in third grade!  I am so proud of what a great student you are!  You are smart and nice.  It is hard to be the oldest, but you do a great job.  You are more responsible all the time.  You are crazy about your Lego's and like Frisbee Golf.  You help with Vinny, and  are working on earning your Wolf for Cub-Scouts.  I am so proud of you and hope you have a great 3rd grade year!
Love, Mom

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Lisa said...

Oh how we miss our McElderrys! I love your funny letters to each one--so fits their personalities. Hope all is well.