Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Baby 5

We are excited to announce that we have a new baby coming in April of 2013!  Choosing to have another child is difficult.  I was ready for number one, okay when number two came, shocked that number 3 snuck in, frustrated that 4 had such perceived bad timing-and then this time.  This little number 5 has been the hardest.  Coming off of birth control was the hardest decision I've made at this point-I cried before and after my Drs appointment.    3 of my 4 are in school.  Vinny is an easy kid who still takes naps.  I felt a glimpse of freedom that had been only on the horizon for so long. And yet, the nagging didn't stop.  I couldn't find the peace I searched for. So, the decision was made and here we are.
I'm so excited and overwhelmed.  I wish I was in better shape, weighed less, and was younger.  But hey, I'm a mother of four, and here I find myself.  I've been pretty sick and don't enjoy that, but it will hopefully pass within a few weeks.
We are pretty sure it is another boy.  I thought for sure Ammon was a girl, and Vinny-so maybe I'm just changing tactics ;)
Probably no one would ever believe me if I told them I wanted a boy.  But honestly, I am so in love with each of my boys and each one is so different-that another boy would be wonderful.  And honestly, a very comfortable idea for me.  My gut is saying it is a boy for what that is worth.
We are also setting a record in the surgical residency program for the most children ever by a surgeon resident here at the Marshfield Clinic.  We had been tied at 4.


thecainclan said...

I would believe you want another boy! I would too, but I'm NOT going there again. :)
Congrats to all of you. Take a day at a time. Remember to nap with Vinny, and keep posting! We love you here!
Tamela & Company!

Elisa said...

congratulations! Hope you feel better soon. Is the worst over?

and I know this member of your family will be blessed to join you, boy or girl! Good luck!