Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We are SO from Arkansas

Yesterday was the first snow.  It was an Arkansas snow.  Light dusting, little accumulation and gone by 10 AM.  Still that didn't stop the excitement.  The kids were in my room at six-thirty.  It snowed!  It snowed! It snowed!  We need gloves, hats, scarves, coats, socks, boots, mittens, lots of shirts, etc etc etc.  They bundled up with everything we owned. (by now the temp is probably above freezing).  They go out and play.  It isn't even 7 AM yet.  I looked around our neighborhood.  A few getting in their cars for work.  No one playing.  Except yep, the Arkansans.  I mean snow is snow, right?

Josh tells a story of when on his mission in Estonia it snowed and he started bombing his companion with snowballs.  The companion was from Idaho.  WHAT was Josh doing???  Hey, it's snow!!!


Robin said...

What?? I liked Lara's Pensamentos! I guess this one is ok, too. A masters? Did I know that? Congrats! You've just moved up 1000 notches on the list...wait, you were already at the top. How is that possible?

Kelly said...

Hi Lara! This is Kelly (Gorden) Tompkins. I'm glad I found your blog. We get the same excited about snow here and we're in Utah where there is a lot! People are pretty sick of it by the end of the winter but we still get really excited!
I hope you're family is great!

Desiree said...

Mike and I were in SLC for a wedding one year and there was snow everywhere. We played it it all the time and people looked at us like we were crazy country bumkins.......well I guess we are.