Monday, June 22, 2009

The Daddy Day

(Honestly, Father's day is hard for me.) I haven't had a grandpa since I was 14 and my dad died when I was 20. Still, I have many many many blessings and I know, I know, my life isn't very hard compared to many, but this day always makes me a bit nostalgic and perhaps moody. However, food helps. and I don't know how to celebrate if it doesn't include food. So, we went Asian. I totally forgot to take pictures, but we had lettuce wraps (yummy!) orange chicken, and crab rangoon. Then for both a project and dessert we made fruit pizza. Except we made them in the shape of ties. Really, everyone needs a new tie for Father's Day, right?

Oh, and Josh made a huge race track-one of the many talents of this dad! I'm glad my boys have such a wonderful dad. They are three lucky boys!

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