Monday, June 15, 2009

Make New Friends, but Keep the Old

Friends. It is so good to have friends. The Mitchells (Carl, Griselda, Lil' Carl and William) just came to visit. We are so excited to have "old" friends in Ohio, even if they are two hours away. Carl was just a year behind Josh in medical school. We were in the same ward and I just feel like they know me and more of my history (if that makes sense). Anyway, Griselda and I are making all types of plans and we're thinking of Niagra, Kirtland, Cleveland, Palmyra, Circleville Pumpkin Festival, Cinncinnati, possibly Chicago, Lake Michigan, D.C. All of this while our hubbies slave away, but hey we gotta survive, right?
Both Griselda and I love to get out. And our kids are a good age to travel AND she is a civil engineer, so cities don't scare her. AND we can all fit in one van. AND I just happen to have a new van. AND our kids get along well. AND she will just live in Akron for a year, so we better get going. Lando said, "I remember you!!"
How to entertain 5 boys: Wear them out, trash the toy room, have an air mattress, popcorn and a movie of course!

Can't wait to get traveling, where to first, Griselda?

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Mark and Lisa said...

Have fun you girls with the cute boys! We miss you all!