Sunday, June 14, 2009

I wasn't going to

I wasn't going to go. And I certainly wasn't going to get into it. Pre-school graduation. Come on people! We over do everything these days!! I got the invitation and thought: gee, one more thing.
But, I went. (Duty-mom called). I didn't have a sittter so I took the other two. Luckily it was low key and in their classroom. They had a cake and some fruit and the kids sang for us. We watched a DVD slide show of the kids and all they've learned. Lando got his cap and teddy bear diploma.
And then it happened.
A sudden rush of emotion.
He came over, sat down, obeyed everything his teacher said. He had friends, he was a good student, he's tested out of speech this year, he has learned and grown much.
Rushing over me filling me from head to toe. Mother's Love.
Look at this boy, with his "I did it" smile!

Yes, I went. Yes, I got into it. Yes, my son is a graduate. And YES! I am so happy to be his mom!

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Charity Brown said...

how cute! love the post!