Saturday, November 21, 2009

Because I know you want to know..

So, now that I've seen New Moon, it is time for me to reveal my true thoughts on the books, movies and etc.

First, the books were terrible. Not very well written in my opinion. Now I'm not the most read individual-but hey, I don't need to be to recognize good literature. The lack of vocabulary and Bella was so self centered. But then again, Bella is a teenager.
That said, the story was great. A girl in love with a vampire who leaves her and whose best friend is Jacob.
and Jacob is a werewolf. But, he wouldn't be if it weren't for the vampires coming back.
Any hoo. Here is the list Bella should have made when deciding her future:

Jacob is the man.

He is warm.
Comfortable with his family
"a sun"
"beautiful" (I might add this part was true!)

Okay, now for Edward
treats me like a baby
can't bleed
can't age
can't go out in the sun (hello-depression!)
issues with his family
always in trouble
he wants things he can't have
like a mortal life
and me -as in Bella

Just my opinions, but I'm team Jacob.

I had a blast watching New Moon with the crazy ladies!! It was fun, but not a great movie. Some extremely cheesy laugh out louds-but hey it was a great escape from my real life!! Thanks for a howling good time!


Valerie said...

I've never read anyone put the story that way. You made me laugh!

Valerie said...

I think I would have liked Twilight better if Bella had been a more likeable character. As it stands now, I couldn't even get through 3 chapters of Twilight and probably never will.

Alisa said...

I'm one of those cheesy girls who LOVE the books but I have to say that you have some pretty good points! As always...its the typical girl syndrome...always wanting what she can't have and and the whole bad boy thing!

Mimi Nowland said...

Ready for a long comment? Brace yourself...I have read all 4 books. The whole Edward vs. Jacob bit, after the second book (New Moon) I personally would have picked Jacob too. But that is because I am not Bella or a teenager. My question was always what about Bella attracted Edward to her in the first place? According to the book, he could have anyone he wanted, why Bella? This comment only proves that I have spent way too much of my precious free time thinking about fictional characters!

Kristin M. Bates said...

TEAM JACOB! (lol loved your post btw).

Miss you! Hope I can see you soon.