Saturday, November 7, 2009

Orlando's wanna-be birthday.

Orlando participated in all the hoop-la of Ammon's birthday party on Tuesday and has been such a good sport about his very low-key birthday. But, it ended up a little bigger then I thought. Since Josh is working today (the 7th) we had brownies last night with candles. I also took cupcakes to his Kindergarten class and he LOVED the attention!

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We decorated left over brownie tonight....also the ward had a primary activity today and they all sang to him. Then some friends and I went to Burger King (sorry to anyone who maybe would have joined us it was very impromptu) and had a "surprise" birthday party for Orlando. OH, and he got to spend 5 dollars at a garage sale. He's been really into games and is even learning the rules to chess (which means I am learning them for the first time). And so no surprise he looked for games at the garage sale. We got Jr. Clue and Jr. Monopoly. Great shape, all the pieces $1.00. Thank you very much! We played for hours today while Ammon napped.
Orlando is SIX!! I can't believe it. I'm putting together a collage of pictures of this kid that I love so, so much.
Next weekend Josh will be off and we are planning on bowling as a family. I may let him bring a friend or two. And, I think he needs a better cake. Those brownies look sad. But his cupcakes (that I did not take pictures of ) rocked!

I love you, Orlando. And I plan on beating you in Monopoly tomorrow!

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Mimi Nowland said...

He does look very grown up. Heads up, Ben wanted to call Lando today. You might be getting a call...