Tuesday, November 17, 2009

For better or worse...

So ya know when you get married and you think life will be nothing but bliss, romantic dinners, and etc.
And then--we realize, "oh, I married a person.." "Oh, I'm just a person." And though life is good and we love each other so much...

Life happens: for better or worse.

Lately, I'm personally feeling for the worse.
**I tried some new medicine and gained 15 lbs in about 2 months.
**The Mazda broke down today. (530 dollars)
**The new van is acting up-seriously annoying
**We got Ivan's MRI bill-over 700 with insurance (we get these 2X a year, but yuck!)
**A student loan that is supposed to be deferred is slipping through the cracks and it always scares me to see that we owe so much money when we don't have it-and it is a paper trail nightmare.
**Ivan's teacher has recommended therapy again. I just knew we weren't past this-but golly gee-I was hoping..
** Josh's schedule sucks!

Okay, am I done? I don't know, but I'll stop for now.

I know things will get better, they always do...after all, this is for better or worse..


Unknown said...

wow. You DO have more than your fair share of 'worse times' right now, don't you? Can we help with anything? Do you need to come join us for a walk or a trip to the zoo?

Trish said...

I heard a funny poem once, "Life is Not a bowl of cherries, it's a bowl of lemons, the bowl is cracked, the juice runs down your leg and there is usually a bird pecking on your head." Or you could just say, when it rains it pours! Hang in there.

Mimi Nowland said...

When do you think we will look back at these times and laugh? Never?! At least you and Josh are wonderful people even if you have a lot on your plate. We love ya!

wendy holt said...

The scriptures say, "it came to pass" not "it came to stay" It will get better. Hang in there!

Lisa said...

Lara, I was just about to write one of these on my blog--but then I read yours and felt much better--not because I'm happy for your hard times, but because I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. Seriously, we do pay quite a price in this medicine business!!! Call me and we'll vent together.