Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A lil' Nesting

With spring in the air, time off work, and 9 month pregnancy hormones-nesting is taking place. First, the piano. It was setting bare and boring for so long. But now it has lots of "art". First, a framed piece my mom did with french knots. A kroched piece from my grandma, a family picture I love, some scrap fabrics for color. But my favorite-repurposing these old oval placemats into large spring flowers! My grandma made these from scraps and honestly they are kinda ugly-but how do you get rid of stuff given to you by relatives now deceased-my conscience has struggles. Anyway, my friend Jen, who helped with the jungle, starts rolling them up and walla! a Flower is born. Genius.

What I love is I spent NO money this week. I just gathered stuff around my house that was "springy" and started playing. The recent tornado provided fallen sticks. An estate sale last summer the Easter ornaments and some half off Hobby Lobby the bird art I picked up a few months ago.
I got the old window at a garage sale back in OH and have held onto it. I think it makes a great background.

The downstairs bathroom was not my favorite place. We didn't paint it when we moved in and it just felt yucky. I had a box of Americana stuff from a gargage sale. Jen painted the bottom half navy with paint she had. I added the red chair (which I'd like to put a fern on) and the cute superman picture as well as some American Art.
It looks, and feels so much better.

Yay for nesting-and thanks for helping Jen!!


Charity Brown said...

great job!!! awesome that you spent $0!!!

Lisa said...

Wonderful job!