Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Feeling Groovy and I believe we have a name!

So much stress is gone.
Went to the Dr. My ultrasound average was in the 88th percentile for a baby. Which means he's big-like all the boys- but not up to 95th percentile-which means no C-section!!! yay. phew. Unless of course it becomes medically necessary. But, she reminded me of how I've had big boys before. The largest just under ten.
I'm not sure this one is going to get there though, because she checked me and I am at a 3 already!! Now, it is true I can set at a 3 for weeks, but I'm really really really hoping to just go into labor. I've been having some contractions--so maybe today, tonight, this weekend...but surely not the end of the month!
This is great because I was induced with Ammon, and would prefer to go on my own if possible.

And the other info is that we have a name!! At least I think we do and if Josh backs out on, I think we agree.
Anyway this name is a combo of our maternal grandpas.
Vincent Ray.I like it. It's manly. It's normal, but not too common. We can call him Vince, or even Vinny. And the boys like "sting ray" as a nick name.
Ya, I think it will work. Can't wait to meet him.
Guess it is time to pack a hospital bag...


Unknown said...

Hooray! Glad you can avoid the c-section! and ditto on wanting to avoid being induced. I am due tomorrow, but still not in labor. Luckily, my dr appt today assured me that I'm almost a 4, so I am pretty sure I won't have to be induced. Could happen any day... maybe today... I think I'll go for a long walk! :) Hey, in which hospital are you delivering? Riverside for me. Maybe I'll see you there! :)

and I think "Sting Ray" is an AWESOME nickname! What a lucky stud to have such creative brothers!

Charity Brown said...

love the name! my old co-worker's son was Vincent and they called him Vince. :)

Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

AHH! I'm so excited for you!!!!!

Unknown said...

CAN't WAIT To meet VINCIE!!!!

Praying you have a happy and healthy labor...sooner than later.

Love you!