Monday, May 4, 2009

Golden Weekend

We were lucky enough to have a golden weekend.  Golden weekends for us are when daddy isn't working at all.  No call, no pager, nothing nada.  He is home and he is ours!  Because this doesn't happen too often, we have really come to appreciate this family time.  This weekend was no exception.  Friday night we went on a date, but deciding last minute we took the kids.  We explained that they were on a big people date and had to act accordingly.  We went to California Pizza kitchen.  They had pepperoni and Josh and I enjoyed Jamaican Jerk.  Mmmm.  Then ice-cream from Graters.  Finally, we went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens.  Can you believe it was my first ever 3D movie??  Crazy huh?  But let me tell you I SO enjoyed it, the first time something (it was a cookie in a preview) flew at me I was just super excited.  Orlando kept explaining, "if you have your glasses on the stuff jumps out of the tv, but if you take your glasses off it stays in."  The movie was a bit much for Ammon but luckily the theater was not crowded and he had plenty of room to walk and of course I had snacks.  Gee, it was fun.  

Saturday we planted a garden.  For us this year that means basil, sage, and rosemary.  Perhaps we will add on, and we are wondering about tomatoes.  We just need to keep things simple right now and the yard is not very conducive for a gardening spot.  The best part was just doing something-anything, with dad.  And for Lando, nothing could be better than the dirt.  

Saturday night we got a sitter and Josh and I went to Chipotle.  Gee, their food is the bomb!  I had the fajita salad with all the fixins.  Yummy!  Then we went to stake conference.  Imagine sitting in a meeting alone with Josh able to hear the speakers.  A-ma-zing!!
Sunday was also nice and slow.  
I am so thankful for the few but fabulous golden weekends, thank you Josh!  


Mimi Nowland said...

I am ready for a date with my hubby! I am glad you got some time with yours.

Lisa said...

I hope there are many more Golden Weekends in your future--and I'll look forward to mine soon too! Miss you guys.