Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the BEST chicken salad

If money grew on trees, I think I would be a regular at Whole Foods.  It just wouldn't be hard to eat there regularly.  Only two miles from home with long, long, salad bars, delicious fruit, and yummy food in every direction.  Ahhh.  Mmmm.  
However the prices are pretty over the top.  Still, I occasionally go there instead of a restaurant.  Call me weird, but I would rather have their curry chicken salad then restaurant food.  In fact, my desire for their curry chicken salad found me going in on a weekday and splurging just for myself.  However, at over 7 dollars a pound not something to feel too good about.  So I set out to make it myself.  Whole Foods does have some recipes on their site, but not the salad I've found here at my local Whole Foods (BTW, it is located to the left of the sushi bar in the back on the East side of the store-behind glass near the tuna cranberry...)
Okay, so I think I've gotten pretty close with the help of the wonderful Internet and my own mind and tongue.
This is fabulous not only because it tastes good, but it is super healthy!
Cooked chicken about 3 breasts (I'm pretty sure Whole Foods used their old rotisseries that don't sell-I just boiled up chicken and cut it up)
To your liking add:
chopped green onions 
chopped celery
chopped carrots
almond slivers
sliced green peppers
raisins-put the raisins in water first for about 5-10 minutes, take 'em out and blot with a paper towel.
Curry Dressing
1.5 t vinegar
1 tsp  yellow curry
1/4 C low fat plain yogurt
2 T low fat of FF Mayo
1 T milk (add more if you want it thinner)
1 tsp.  Salt
Mix all of this well stir into above ingredients.

This will taste better after a few hours in the fridge and excellent the next day. I love it plain, but on lettuce or bread is also a great choice!

Well, hope you enjoy and please let me know if you try it!

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Lisa said...

Sounds like my kind of salad!! I'm going to try it!