Friday, July 17, 2009

Family and the Fourth

I love my family. I also am a super big fan of the Fourth of July. This year we had a family reunion at my mom's. It was great to be with my siblings: Holly and her man, Ben. Sara and her family: Gary, Shely, Roxy, and Ruthy, and of course my brother, Seth. The boys know him best since he lived with us for over two years in Little Rock. My great aunt was down from Texas with her husband and his brother and wife, plus my cousins Fairy Lyn (Micheal) and Michelle. My Uncle David came with his new wife, my cousin Amy and her daughter who I met for the first time.

My family is full of good cooks. We made a fresh peach and black berry cobbler. We had fish freshly caught, cleaned, and fried. We had ribs, beans, cole slaw, sweet corn, Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake, and tons more. So YUMMY!! Still even with all the food we had to go out to our favorite pizza place: Max and Erma's in Tahlequah Oklahoma. I highly recommend it if you are ever in the area.

We also spent time on the lake, but I didn't take my camera, so hopefully I'll get pictures from somenone else. We rented a boat and the kids got to tube for the first time. They can't wait to go again!! Seth and I had a blast doing this as well as Ben tried to throw us off!!! Fun!!

I went a few days early and stayed a day late to get some extra time in with mom. We swam and played and cooked. It was nice. Thanks everyone for getting together!!
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Alisa said...

I love how you did your pictures on here!