Tuesday, July 14, 2009

There and Back (and a hot dog)

I've been home about 24 hours. My trip was three weeks and I spent time in four homes and three states. It was fantastic though somewhat challenging from time to time. I have tons to post, but thought I'd start just with getting there and getting home. So, I started out fairly organized. See below:

We stopped in St. Louis and visited the Holts. My friend Wendy invited me over for dinner the first Sunday I went to Little Rock Ward. We've been friends since. Her husband graduated a year before Josh and is now a resident in St. Louis. You can tell Lando and Bradley became quick friends. We ate pizza and had some fabulous custard between two oatmeal cookies. Some historic spot on route 66. Fun and Yum!
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Now, for the coming home: Notice there are no pictures. Nothing was picturesque. Though we made it safe and sound. Still, I have to admit my new parenting low. We all have standards as parents, things we think we'll NEVER do. Well, I broke one of those promises. In an attempt to stay on the road and keep the dinner stop short--I confess my boys had a truck stop hot dog. You know the kind. In my defense, they did look fresh. I offered them Subway which was in the truck stop, but they picked Cheetos and hot dogs. It was fast and easy and we were on the road in a giffy. In fact no hotel coming home. We made it in just over 12 hours from Jacksonville to Columbus. A new record! (Yay for truck stop hot dogs!)

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Ashley said...

I think you are B.R.A.V.E. for even attempting the trip alone. Hotdog and all - YOU DID IT! I'm so sad I wasn't able to make it to AQ, but I'm glad you guys made it back safely.