Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friendship and Fondant

My dear friend Rebecca. What can I say? She is awesome. I met her when I was 13. I have always loved her and her family. I'm not sure the reason, but I just attached myself to them, and won't let them go! She got married the summer after high school, but unlike other married friends we stayed close, and eventually I caught up with her and she threw my bridal shower. I spent two days at her house on this trip. She has such beautiful kids. I'm feeling a wee bit guilty the fotos are of a cake, and not her cute family, but alas this is the case.
Rebecca has turned in to quite the "Betty Crocker" and is even getting paid to do some wedding cakes from time to time. She has a lot of fun cooking tools. I've been wanting to learn fondant icing for a time, but didn't want to attempt it without someone who knew what they were doing the first time. Anyway, under her guidance, we made this great cake for my Father-In-Law for his birthday.
What a great time! What a great cake! What a gReAt, GrEaT, GREAT, GREAT friend!!

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Elisa said...

very very cute cake. You'll have to come down to my place and cake decorate together sometime. When the kids start back to school, perhaps? :)

Giggles said...

What a beautiful cake! I love it. Good job!

Charity Brown said...

cute cake! good job!!!

Mark and Lisa said...

Love it!