Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Visiting the Johnson's

First stop was the Johnson Home in Fort Smith, AR. Liz (Josh's sister) and I have become the best of friends. I'm so thankful to her for example and friendship. In fact, I met Liz a couple of years before I ever met her younger brother. Then, I knew Josh for about a week before I realized he was Liz's brother. It attracted me to him even more. Anyhoo, here are some great shots of the cousins. They played so well together.

Ammon and Madeline decided they were "best friends" oh, and Madeline is going to marry Ammon.
The kids worked and worked on this project together! I helped and it was really fun!!
For Family Home Evening we talked about heroes from the scriptures and all the kids got a cape w/their initial on it. We whipped those out with the help of some pinking sheers, so not too much sewing involved. So fun to have cousins who are being raised in the gospel.

Now, I don't have pictures of the luau we went to, but I wish I did. It was out on a beautiful piece of land in Oklahoma, green hills (not all of OK is flat!) and a whole Hog was roasted!! It was a good southern cookout with lots of fun swimming and eating all to the buzzing of mosquitos and chiggers. Oh, and did I mention the pool had 40 lbs of ice added to cool it off. It was still warm! I think the heat index was like 103 that day. Still, nothing beats the taste of a cookout when your eating it wrapped in a towel sprayed down with sunscreen and swattin a skeeter!

The kids played so well at the Johnson's I even finished the 3rd book in the Fablehaven series. ahh, I love cousins and family. Thanks for having us!
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Elisa said...

ha ha! don't miss those skeeters and chiggers! I love the mild and balmy summer evenings here. Glad you had a great trip!

(I had a crush on one of my cousins til I got to be about 10. I didn't realize I couldn't marry him. :)