Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to School

I heart back to school time.
The smell of new crayons, notebooks with nothing written, clean folders, markers, Kleenex, glue, etc. It makes me happy. The boys had so much fun gathering their supplies. They also got new backpacks. Ammon got one too. He uses it as a diaper bag-hey if he wants to carry it, I don't have to!
Orlando loves kindergarten. Here is what he said, "MOM THAT WAS AWESOME!!!" Then he told me it was fun, awesome, so fun, great, better than preschool, etc.
Ivan went to pre-K but stuck to my leg like Velcro. He is much more timid than his older brother. But, he started to warm up and didn't want to leave, so hopefully he'll have a quick adjustment.

Okay, here is the 'lil one. Had to follow his brothers. Ammon is such a cutie. I can't imagine life without each of these young boys.
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Mimi Nowland said...

They are all so adorable, and you survived the first day!