Sunday, August 30, 2009


Ammon's quilt is done! Ammon's quilt is done! Ammon's quilt is done! Hey, did I tell you Ammon's quilt is done? Well it is!! and since it was a Christmas gift originally, MERRY CHRISTMAS, AMMON! I loved this fabric. It's Bot Camp by Micheal Miller. Cutest ever. And, Ammon loves Robots. Now the three boys finally have matching(as in pattern, not fabric) quilts! To see the others that were Christmas gifts they got in March, see
The fun thing with these is that I did all of the quilting in addition to the piecing, so this was 100% me! This second quilt is for my niece due this October. I really like how it turned out.

PS. I did one more for my friend, Mary but didn't want to put a picture 'cuz she might see it and I believe in surprises!
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Giggles said...

Those look great. You did a wonderful job. Dá para casar. ;)

Mark and Lisa said...

That is awesome that you did it all on your own. I absolutely LOVE the girly one--probably cuz I can picture it in Isabelle's room!