Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I found this a bit interesting. If you don't want to read it, it talks of how President Obama will be talking with religious leaders about how Jesus would handle health care.

I don't use this as a place for political opinion, but I guess I am tonight.

1. Jesus could do things we cannot do. We can as individuals, as a people, or a government try to be like Jesus, but we will fall short. He healed with dirt and sending others to wash in rivers. This won't work for us, and we shouldn't expect it to. We are not Jesus. Nor is our government.
2. Therefore, this is such a stupid conversation!
3. The point should be. Here we are
a. imperfect people
b. imperfect world
c. imperfect health care
4. what can imperfect people do?
a. be honest (health care insurance companies-be transparent)
b. give service (many Dr's do a great deal of community service and pro-bono work). Almost every hospital will also take charitable donations and volunteers (with and without health field educations) are welcome.
c. pay honest taxes for what we do enjoy
d. as a government have a fair tax
e. take care of our own aging parents and expect to
f. respect peoples right to agency. If they don't work or take care of themselves or plan for their future, there are consequences and NOTHING we do will make health care perfect. Unless we all start exercising, quit smoking, avoid all car accidents, heart attacks, childhood disease, etc.
Sorry, but life isn't fair. Even if you have access to quality health care diagnosis are missed, mistakes are made. Death comes premature. Or people still might not go because they just don't want to for a variety of reasons beyond money.
Come on people!! Please. This is an imperfect world. There isn't going to be a Celestial WWJD answer. Again, a stupid conversation. The question should be what can we do--yes us: the imperfects. Can we improve? Yes? No? Maybe so? I do believe we can improve. Will we? Probably not. Both sides are way too prideful to come together.
Good luck America.


Valerie said...

I agree.

Mark and Lisa said...

Good point!

Giggles said...

I think you should be political more often. That was great!

The Masked Mommy said...

Just checking out some of my awesome super-follower sidekicks ;-)

I'm not usually very political, but this post did make me smile :-)