Friday, March 18, 2011

Ivan turned SIX!!

Ivan turned SIX!!! We had a small family party with a Scooby cake made at the last minute!
More than anything this year-and I mean ANYTHING-Ivan wanted a party at The Jump Zone. He wanted friends and cousins to come and he wanted to sit in the "king chair". In the past we've done family parties or had friends to our home. It was new to go somewhere and invite more people. I tried dropping all kinds of hints. But, Ivan said I didn't need to get him a present, just have a Jump Zone Party. So, we did. I'm posting just a few of the pictures of him posing in the king chair. I actually forgot my camera, so these are with my phone and I don't have any of the kids jumping. But, there were friends, there was family, there were cupcakes, and presents, and a King Chair!! He had a blast! He also lost his first tooth the week he turned six!

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