Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sweet Moments

I want to take a minute and record some sweet moments I've had with the kids before I forget them. I don't have pictures, these are just that--moments.
Orlando and Ivan have both given talks in primary. In each case, they had their own ideas and thoughts and expressed love for Jesus.

Ammon continues to talk to my growing belly each day. He often gives him a voice and speaks for him. He has shared his food with him, brought a blanket for him, told him he is funny, and also once insisted it was his turn for family prayer and so, Ammon said the prayer in "baby" voice. Adorable.

Orlando decided to fast for the first time. He just skipped breakfast. I thought this was really impressive and didn't really encourage this (after he is baptized in Nov. I'll encourage breakfast, but this seemed early). I wasn't real sure why he was doing this (I knew Josh had talked to him). Anyway, he went to pray before lunch and included "thank thee that I can fast and get to know Jesus better."

Finally, I made the mistake? of showing the Velveteen Rabbit to my kids for movie night Friday (Josh was working late). I remembered loving the book as a child and even trying to be good enough to my animals that they might come alive. Well, this movie started a fountain of tears. Orlando because of how much he loves his stuffed animals especially Lion. Ammon because the fire was so sad, and Ivan started crying "because my brothers are so upset."

In trying to deal with this, I came to the conclusion it was okay for them to cry. They were just feeling emotion and love. I think the world has us push our feelings away too often. I want my boys to be emotional and loving. Not wimpy or winey, but I want them to feel love and pain and sadness and happiness. To recognize good and to recognize when someone hurts-to mourn with those that mourn as Ivan was doing.
I'm so thankful for these children. I do hope that they will each have a personal testimony at a young age-just a simple one. One that Jesus lives. One that life is eternal. One that life has a purpose.


Giggles said...

Those are wonderfully sweet moments. Thank you for making my morning a little sweeter with them.

Alisa said...

I really love this post....