Monday, March 28, 2011

Pregnancy Update

So three weeks ago I had the sweetest dream. I went in for a checkup and the doctor replied, "OH my, you are crowning! Go ahead and give a little push" So I did and out came a 6lb 4oz cute dark headed, pointy-nosed boy. I held him and he rooted around for the milk, but just gave me tons of little kisses because his lips were so puckered. It was the absolute sweetest dream.
Then, reality hit. I went in for a real check up. I'm measuring large. I'm not diabetic, and my blood pressure is good. I haven't measured large at previous checkups, but his guy seems to have grown some. In fact, she figures he is over 7.5 pounds! Babies often put on a lb a week the last month-not necessarily-but often. If this were to happen I'd be looking at a 11-12 pound baby!! Yikes! I really don't want the birth trauma of that experience.
I'm going in tomorrow for an ultrasound. I'm pretty excited to see some good pictures of him this far along (maybe it will help with a name?). I'm also curious if with a better ultrasound he will still measure so large. If he does, I'll be on a fetal monitor once a week and they'll keep an eye on the placenta, fluid and stuff just to make sure all is well.
We'll also probably start talking options. I was induced with Ammon and really would like to go into labor naturally. On the other hand, being induced a few weeks early sounds great! But then again, is he still gaining some ground by staying in the womb as long as possible in which case I should let him keep growing and then what? Possibly face a c-section.
Good grief. Why is being a mom so hard. Always want to do right by your kids, but not sure where or what that is. Guess I'm just waiting for more information. Hopefully tomorrow will give me some answers.


Lisa said...

Whoa! Those are tough decisions. I'm excited that it's getting so close. Keep me posted on what you decide and how the ultrasound goes.

Elisa said...

yikes, hope maybe the measurements were just off. That would save ya the trauma of having to decide between induction and c-section. Keep us posted!

Wendy said...

Good Luck!! Hope all is well with no 11 pound babies!! That makes me hurt just thinking about it.

Kristin McElderry said...

Best of Luck Lara!! I am so excited for you. I can't wait to meet this new little (big?) guy!!!

I love and miss you.