Thursday, September 3, 2009


I am so thankful. Heavenly Father blesses my life and gives me direction is very small ways. Usually I feel good when something is right or heavy when something is wrong. Sometimes I just feel strongly about something and know that it is not just my own mind. This probably sounds crazy to some, but I'm a believer. I think it goes back to the New Testament. If we are drawing near unto Him, he draws near unto us. If we knock, He will open. I believe that the Lord does direct our lives-that is if we ask him to. So recently I've been wanting a stroller to walk the boys to school in. Orlando can ride his bike, but the other two need to keep up. My dinky umbrella stroller wouldn't cut it! In addition to a quick mention in my morning prayers, I've been shopping. I went by the used store (Once Upon a Child) two or three times and didn't have much luck. One day I did find one but it was almost 200 dollars and I wanted Josh to see if it was worth that kind of money before buying it, but it was gone when he went by. Josh reminded me that I just have to do things, and not worry getting his approval (gee, I'm so independent for a married gal).
Anyway, today on my way home from the gym, I clearly felt I should stop by the store again. I went by this weekend, so I dismissed it, but the thought came again. So I went and right out front was exactly what I wanted. (I hope to be able to also get a bike so I can pull them too.) Not only that, is was 72 dollars, and I've never seen one that low there! Not only that, they delivered it! This store does not deliver. In fact, it is kind of like a glorified garage sale-and frankly you don't go for the customer service-so when the manager just happened to be there and just happened to have "no problem" with following me home with it- so I could use it that afternoon and "not have to break it down and figure it out"-I felt blessed. And I reflected-what if I hadn't stopped in. Sure, I'd be fine. But, I went and I am so thankful to a loving Heavenly Father who gives me promptings regarding such simple things. He knows and loves us!


Mimi Nowland said...

It is so nice to be reminded that He is aware of our little needs and wants.

Giggles said...

I consider it a blessing of the mission that I got a lot better at listening to those promptings.

I'm so glad you found what you needed!

Mark and Lisa said...

"God is in the details of our lives." A GA said that (I want to say Maxwell). I believe that with all my heart. Great story!

Valerie said...

That's so funny because the same type of thing happened to us when we were looking for a bike trailer :) I love it that Heavenly Father understands that sometimes the little things in life are sooooo huge to us!